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Baked Clay

This mod lets the player bake clay into hardened blocks and colour them with dye (8x baked clay and 1x dye in centre), stairs and slabs are also available. Cooking baked clay turns it into glazed terracotta blocks.



  • 1.2 - Add 'stairsplus_clay_compatibility' setting.
  • 1.1 - Remove 0.4.x compatibility to better support 5.x mods
  • 1.0 - Re-Added glazed terracotta blocks when you cook baked clay in furnace (thanks Amara2_MK), added support for sofar's flowerpot mod, missing glazed textures re-coloured by firefox.
  • 0.9 - Baked clay now works in the technic cnc machine
  • 0.8 - Cooking clay block in furnace gives natural baked clay which you can dye
  • 0.7 - Added support for stairsplus so that stairs are registered properly
  • 0.6 - Added 3 new flowers and a new grass that are used for missing dyes
  • 0.5 - Now using minecraft recipe to colour baked clay (8x baked clay, 1x dye in centre)
  • 0.4 - Code tweak and tidy
  • 0.3 - Added Stairs and Slabs for each colour
  • 0.2 - Any colour of baked clay can be re-dyed into another colour
  • 0.1 - Initial Release

Lucky Blocks: 10

Note: Under settings you will find 'colored_clay_compatibility' switch that when enabled will register aliases for the older colored clay mod and it's stairplus stairs.

You will also find the 'stairsplus_clay_compatibility' setting that is enabled by default for older worlds that switched from default stairs mod to stairsplus. It can be disabled for brand new worlds only using stairsplus mod though.