41 Commits (master)

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tenplus1 2e3e82cd92 add 'stairsplus_clay_compatibility' setting 2 weeks ago
tenplus1 bd5ff73c19 remove 0.4.x support for better 5.x mod compatibility 3 months ago
tenplus1 ed06375ad5 remove technic_cnc dependency, register cnc nodes using minetest.after 3 months ago
tenplus1 4af6f35734 update license.txt 4 months ago
tenplus1 a01222f15e add info to license.txt 4 months ago
tenplus1 4f8eeab19a fix flowerpot order 7 months ago
tenplus1 95a4b96478 tidy code, hide grey recipes if unifieddye present 7 months ago
tenplus1 975bee9898 update screenshot 2 years ago
tenplus1 0e43ab505c missing glazed terracotta colours added by firefox 2 years ago
tenplus1 07afd28b2f added support for flowerpot mod 2 years ago
tenplus1 f78b47d9c2 re-added glazed terracotta textures (thanks Amara2_MK) 2 years ago
tenplus1 f3e0b60827 remove purge test 2 years ago
tenplus1 a3c96afbda tweak and tidy code, add lucky block 2 years ago
tenplus1 4fdbff14f8 add glazed terracotta 2 years ago
tenplus1 3824e097ba update mod.conf info 2 years ago
tenplus1 dd7749131c added switch in settings for coloured_clay mod compatibility 3 years ago
TenPlus1 b7b3b98003 add unifieddye check for light grey recipe 3 years ago
tenplus1 3af99b27c9 technic_cnc support 4 years ago
TenPlus1 9ec581dbf2 remove uncraftable dye:natural recipe 4 years ago
TenPlus1 d6a2fbaaee cooking clay block gives natural baked clay which can be dyed, added lucky block 4 years ago
TenPlus1 67d0f2a8d6 tweak stairs code 5 years ago
TenPlus1 268946971a add more lucky blocks 6 years ago
TenPlus1 bd8a624aa7 added stairsplus alias' thanks to jat15 6 years ago
TenPlus1 144d36cc63 Fixed moreblocks' stairsplus checking 6 years ago
TenPlus1 7c39b7cbfe add stairsplus alias' 6 years ago
TenPlus1 45275cb6e4 Fix stairsplus registration 6 years ago
TenPlus1 627f14bd30 added dirt_with_rainforest_litter to lazarus decoration 6 years ago
TenPlus1 8cdd0f7b8e add 2x2 red bakedclay to 16x clay brick recipe 6 years ago
TenPlus1 b6347c81ec added 4x lucky blocks 6 years ago
TenPlus1 93212e8fd8 added stairsplus support so stairs are registered properly 7 years ago
TenPlus1 e4e72c437c Add new flora to be used for missing dyes 7 years ago
TenPlus1 cc5dd341fe Code tidy 7 years ago
TenPlus1 ea938b9ba5 Updated readme to show changelog 7 years ago
TenPlus1 174cda7018 Tidied code, now using minecraft recipe to colour blocks 7 years ago
TenPlus1 20dc809545 Changed license 7 years ago
TenPlus1 cd981adf28 Code tidy and tweak 7 years ago
TenPlus1 780b2915c6 Code tidy 7 years ago
TenPlus1 3e0471d041 Tidied code 8 years ago
tenplus1 793c12cbc5 Tidied code 8 years ago
tenplus1 69a41534c4 Added forum link to readme 8 years ago
tenplus1 c22d06f8b8 1st Commit 9 years ago