A rewrite of the node_ownership Minetest mod with many new features.
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Areas mod for Minetest 0.4.8+


If you wish to specify configuration options, such as whether players are allowed to protect their own areas with the protect command (disabled by default), you should check config.lua and set the appropriate settings in your server’s configuration file (probably minetest.conf).


To protect an area you must first set the corner positions of the area. In order to set the corner positions you can run:

  • /area_pos set and punch the two corner nodes to set them.
  • /area_pos set1/set2 and punch only the first or second corner node to set them one at a time.
  • /area_pos1/2 to set one of the positions to your current position.
  • /area_pos1/2 X Y Z to set one of the positions to the specified coordinates.

Once you have set the border positions you can protect the area by running one of the following commands:

  • /set_owner <OwnerName> <AreaName> -- If you have the areas privilege.
  • /protect <AreaName> -- If you have the areas privilege or the server administrator has enabled area self-protection.

The area name is used only for informational purposes (so that you know what an area is for). It is not used for any other purpose. For example: /set_owner SomePlayer Mese city

Now that you own an area you may want to add sub-owners to it. You can do this with the add_owner command. Anyone with an area can use the add_owner command on their areas. Before using the add_owner command you have to select the corners of the sub-area as you did for set_owner. If your markers are still around your original area and you want to grant access to your entire area you will not have to re-set them. You can also use select_area to place the markers at the corners of an existing area if you’ve reset your markers and want to grant access to a full area. The add_owner command expects three arguments:

  1. The ID number of the parent area (the area that you want to add a sub-area to).
  2. The name of the player that will own the sub-area.
  3. The name of the sub-area. (can contain spaces)

For example: /add_owner 123 BobTheBuilder Diamond lighthouse


  • /protect <AreaName> -- Protects an area for yourself. (if self-protection is enabled)

  • /set_owner <OwnerName> <AreaName> -- Protects an area for a specified player. (requires the areas privilege)

  • /add_owner <ParentID> <OwnerName> <ChildName> -- Grants another player control over part (or all) of an area.

  • /rename_area <ID> <NewName> -- Renames an existing area.

  • /list_areas -- Lists all of the areas that you own, or all areas if you have the areas privilege.

  • /find_areas <Regex> -- Finds areas using a Lua regular expresion. For example, to find castles:

    /find_areas [Cc]astle
  • /remove_area <ID> -- Removes an area that you own. Any sub-areas of that area are made sub-areas of the removed area’s parent, if it exists. If the removed area has no parent it’s sub-areas will have no parent.

  • /recursive_remove_areas <ID> -- Removes an area and all sub-areas of it.

  • /change_owner <ID> <NewOwner> -- Change the owner of an area.

  • /area_info -- Returns information about area configuration and usage.

  • /select_area <ID> -- Sets the area positions to those of an existing area.

  • /area_pos {set,set1,set2,get} -- Sets the area positions by punching nodes or shows the current area positions.

  • /area_pos1 [X,Y,Z|X Y Z] -- Sets area position one to your position or the one supplied.

  • /area_pos2 [X,Y,Z|X Y Z] -- Sets area position two to your position or the one supplied.


Copyright © 2013 ShadowNinja

Licensed under the GNU LGPL version 2.1 or later. See LICENSE.txt and http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl-2.1.txt