Adds snow biomes to Minetest.
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   _____                       __  __           _ 
/ ____| | \/ | | |
| (___ _ __ _____ __ | \ / | ___ __| |
\___ \| '_ \ / _ \ \ /\ / / | |\/| |/ _ \ / _` |
____) | | | | (_) \ V V / | | | | (_) | (_| |
|_____/|_| |_|\___/ \_/\_/ |_| |_|\___/ \__,_|

Version 3.2

By Splizard and LazyJ.

Minetest version: 0.4.9
Depends: default
License: GPL v2

Complimentary Mods:
* "Snowdrift" by paramat
* "More Blocks" by Calinou (2014_05_11 or newer)
* "Skins" by Zeg9


Forum post:

Place this folder in your minetest mods folder.

* After downloading, unzip the file.
* Rename the directory "minetest-mod-snow-master" to "snow"
* Copy the "snow" directory into either
* If you put "snow" in the ../minetest/mods/ directory, either
enable the mod from within Minetest's "Configure" button
(main menu, bottom right) or by adding this line to the
world's "" file:
load_mod_snow = true

While this mod is installed you may experience slower map loading while a snow biome is generated.

If you walk around a bit you will find snow biomes scattered around the world.

There are nine biome types:
* Normal
* Icebergs
* Icesheet
* Broken icesheet
* Icecave
* Coast
* Alpine
* Snowy
* Plain

Snow can be picked up and thrown as snowballs or stacked into snow blocks.
Snow and ice melts when near warm blocks such as torches or igniters such as lava.
Snow blocks freeze water source blocks around them.
Moss can be found in the snow, when moss is placed near cobble it spreads.
Christmas trees can be found when digging pine needles.
Sleds allow for faster travel on snow.

Snow Brick:

Snow Block Snow Block
Snow Block Snow Block

Wood Wood Wood

Icy Snow:

Snow Ice
Ice Snow

If you are using minetest 0.4.8 or the latest dev version of minetest you can choose to generate a v7 map.
This option can be found when creating a new map from the menu.
Snow Biomes has support for this though you might need a couple other biomes too otherwise you will only spawn snow.
There are a couple of bugs and limitations with this such as no ice being generated at the moment.

Config file:
After starting a game in minetest with snow mod, a config file will be placed in this folder that contains the various options for snow mod.
As admin you can use the /snow command in-game to make various changes.

Simply delete the folder snow from the mods folder.