202 Commits (master)

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  sys4-fr 84561db68a Version MFF. 2 years ago
  Foz d962139358 Remove reference to undeclared global variable. 4 years ago
  Hybrid Dog 812b0f977e Use new setting functions 3 years ago
  Hybrid Dog f7b048a851 Also for christmas trees 3 years ago
  Hybrid Dog 44ae0ab35d Add treecapitator support 3 years ago
  SmallJoker c72f56068f Should fix #25 3 years ago
  HybridDog da6a4b3361 buffer the perlin values 4 years ago
  HybridDog bf113a15ff chulens does not need a z field 4 years ago
  HybridDog 9d657246c9 do not recreate perlin noise objects in every mapchunk 4 years ago
  HybridDog 48db038755 this should make ice generation faster 4 years ago
  HybridDog 7774eb3f7f streamline mapgen code: reduce index calculations 4 years ago
  HybridDog 9f73cc4778 short dofiles 4 years ago
  HybridDog c9aaed23a5 inform about loading snow 4 years ago
  HybridDog b1a7d12b90 round player position, #20 could be fixed 4 years ago
  HybridDog 6affec0a56 fix typo 4 years ago
  HybridDog 7080b2dbe0 show more information if #20 happens 4 years ago
  HybridDog 30b0dd9557 attempt to fix #20 4 years ago
  HybridDog 020ef2fa49 fix mistake 4 years ago
  HybridDog d61a1d54ab edit comments 4 years ago
  HybridDog 92f5cb0fde move stairs dofiles to nodes.lua 4 years ago
  HybridDog 1c1a5c11b7 move the snow redefinition to nodes.lua 4 years ago
  HybridDog 6488a3b8f5 fix deprecated log and make snow walkable 4 years ago
  HybridDog 90e08fe0bc use after instead of globalstep 4 years ago
  HybridDog a5ae53fbeb fix deprecated messages 4 years ago
  HybridDog 850e5d9d33 fix ground_y searching bug 4 years ago
  HybridDog 990ace49d8 changes in falling.lua 4 years ago
  HybridDog b3cdf93212 make more tables weak 4 years ago
  HybridDog 049349360e log when changing the falling snow setting and make the cache tables weak tables 4 years ago
  HybridDog 9d2211b0b5 do not assume a fixed chunksize when generating map 4 years ago
  HybridDog 745fca1c84 add missing brackets, might fix issue #15 4 years ago
  HybridDog dee9b5ada1 use the chunksize setting 4 years ago
  HybridDog b994bbc5fd abort mapgen if no nodes are set and execute collectgarbage to clean memory 4 years ago
  Splizard a6af64f3f1 Fix sled crash 4 years ago
  HybridDog 8d78cb6867 play sound when the snowball hurts an object and make damage depend on velocity differrence 4 years ago
  HybridDog d8d79655af update abms and fix snowball entity, thanks to crabman77 4 years ago
  HybridDog 0e52c53452 make snowballs damage entities, thanks to @LeMagnesium 4 years ago
  HybridDog afc578cb16 allow configuring the mapgen size, rarity and smooth without rejoining, which is actually a bad idea because of chunk corners 4 years ago
  HybridDog 346a263761 update snow menu: sort settings and prepare for fixing changing settings with it (that no restart is needed) 4 years ago
  HybridDog 4a30e67f46 use minetest. Get modpath less times, move stairsplus testing out of that file, update util.lua and make mapgen rarity and size better configurable 4 years ago
  HybridDog 097f5f5419 add 4 normalmap textures 4 years ago
  HybridDog 3f99399f1d get the bnode only when necessary and don't calculate the globalstep function every step 4 years ago
  HybridDog b647842ad4 add back caching ws values, that was a memory bug of minetest and these numbers hardly use memory space I guess 4 years ago
  HybridDog 35c21dd879 fix plantlike rotation 4 years ago
  HybridDog a217f17566 use the heightmap to reduce ground searching 5 years ago
  HybridDog 939c63e507 🐈 5 years ago
  HybridDog 7370b142ed fix snowfall and pines 5 years ago
  HybridDog e990039ea3 make mgv6 snow biome size configurable (currently just in the mapgen file) @Splizard, partially generated snow biomes could appear on maps because the perlin noise is different 5 years ago
  HybridDog 521e24f69a adv- and optipng a few textures 5 years ago
  HybridDog 06e74418e9 add snow apple and make snowy more snowy 5 years ago
  HybridDog 4a2c869407 do not generate in deserts, doesn't seem to work… but better than nothing 5 years ago