Quest framework for Minetest
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quests 1.1

quests is a simple quest framework for minetest that lets you define your own quests and handels the representation.

intllib (optional)
unified_inventory or inventory_plus (optional)
central_message (optional)

License: WTFPL
Sounds: CC-BY
Textures: CC-BY


You can see a full list of your active quests with the chatcommand /quests

-- registers a quest for later use
-- questname is the name of the quest to identify it later
-- it should follow the naming conventions: "modname:questname"
-- quest is a table in the following format
-- {
-- title, -- is shown to the player and should contain usefull information about the quest.
-- description, -- a small description of the mod.
-- max, -- is the desired maximum. If max is 1, no maximum is displayed. defaults to 1
-- autoaccept, -- is true or false, wether the result of the quest should be dealt by this mode or the registering mod.
-- callback -- when autoaccept is true, at the end of the quest, it gets removed and callback is called.
-- -- function(playername, questname, metadata)
-- }
-- returns true, when the quest was successfully registered
-- returns falls, when there was already such a quest

quests.start_quest(playername, questname)
-- starts a quest for a specified player
-- playername - the name of the player
-- questname - the name of the quest, which was registered with quests.register_quest
-- metadata - optional additional data
-- returns false on failure
-- returns true if the quest was started

quests.update_quest(playername, questname, value)
-- when something happens that has effect on a quest, a mod should call this method
-- playername is the name of the player
-- questname is the quest which gets updated
-- the quest gets updated by value
-- this method calls a previously specified callback if autoaccept is true
-- returns true if the quest is finished
-- returns false if there is no such quest or the quest continues

quests.accept_quest(playername, questname)
-- When the mod handels the end of quests himself, e.g. you have to talk to somebody to finish the quest,
-- you have to call this method to end a quest
-- returns true, when the quest is completed
-- returns false, when the quest is still ongoing

quests.abort_quest(playername, questname)
-- call this method, when you want to end a quest even when it was not finished
-- example: the player failed
-- returns false if the quest was not aborted
-- returns true when the quest was aborted

-- shows the hud to player playername

-- hides the hud for player playername

-- shows the player playername his/her questlog

quests.get_metadata(playername, questname)
-- get metadata of the quest if the quest exists, else return nil

quests.set_metadata(playername, questname, metadata)
-- set metadata of the quest