219 Commits (master)

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  upsilon 67875f9c6e
Fix bug allowing timegate duplication 3 weeks ago
  upsilon de765f7f7b
LuaBlock: run in separate environment, add a "mem" table 3 weeks ago
  upsilon 7ba7a5cceb
MapDataStorage: replace "%a" format with "%.17g" 1 month ago
  upsilon f2de7c89b1
MapDataStorage: change serialization in mod storage 1 month ago
  HybridDog 0000cfb474 Remove old vector_extras code and use the MapDataStorage 1 month ago
  HybridDog 9aa0e6ab3d Add MapDataStorage code as replacement for get_data_from_pos etc. 1 month ago
  upsilon 54030d1620
Wireless: transmit digilines messages on all channels 1 month ago
  upsilon be7982a453
Major wireless refactor 1 month ago
  upsilon 899ea4aa29
Wireless: remove legacy code. 1 month ago
  upsilon 8c8cdd38ff
Add mesecons_luacontroller as a dependency to the luacontroller tool. 1 month ago
  upsilon 5d29cdce5b
Avoid activating wireless that no longer exist. 1 month ago
  upsilon 4dbc96eafa
New digiline interface for the adjustable player detector 1 month ago
  upsilon 7cf99da1a5
LuaBlock: Major changes in mod storage usage 1 month ago
  upsilon 2b2faeca02
Fix crash when using the playerkiller 1 year ago
  upsilon 8a56370ce8
Allow using templates on multiple luacontrollers 2 years ago
  upsilon ce9544d2bf
Remove mod storage checks 2 years ago
  upsilon 4c81b43032
mesechest: add crafts 3 years ago
  upsilon 89b1fe18c5 mesechest: colorize textures 3 years ago
  upsilon ae5a96cb42 Mesechest: make mesechest work with last mt_game version 3 years ago
  upsilon fd21b16c02 Mesechest: limit API functions overwriting 3 years ago
  upsilon 6291b4c001 Add the mesechest 3 years ago
  upsilon dbd5c4cf99
Luacontroller tool: add counter and clock templates (#7) 3 years ago
  upsilon 400e90c9ca
Fix luacontroller tool crash 3 years ago
  upsilon aa2ae82cc2 Merge branch 'AntumDeluge-settings' 3 years ago
  Pierre-Adrien Langrognet d580e0e974 Merge branch 'master' into settings 3 years ago
  upsilon 6662f92902
Remove empty file .gitmodules 3 years ago
  upsilon 7839aefcdc Add 'moremesecons_luablock/md5_lua/' from commit 'e8cd75ce397da6dd75ddb37cb07eb31663743223' 3 years ago
  upsilon 79e856494a
Remove md5_lua submodule 3 years ago
  upsilon 180167110f
LuaBlock: store md5 checksums 3 years ago
  upsilon 8cac3f8f70
Add a craft for the induction transmitter 3 years ago
  upsilon 482dd4df93
Add an induction transmitter 3 years ago
  upsilon c53ac5b660
Adjustable Blinky Plant: fix very fast blinking before having set an interval + add a minimum interval setting 3 years ago
  AntumDeluge d542d15fa4 Replace deprecated methods: 3 years ago
  AntumDeluge 17ddb23406 Add cornernote's 'craft_guide' mod as optional dependency: 3 years ago
  AntumDeluge 3e327c0172 Ignore Eclipse project files & directories 3 years ago
  upsilon e1d2e84746
LuaBlock: don't set the function environment + remove created pos global 3 years ago
  upsilon abe8368e32
Make the mod working with current stable release 3 years ago
  upsilon 8c267be40d
luablock: add a "pos" table in env containing the LuaBlock position 3 years ago
  upsilon f44bdbfb36
Remove a debug message 3 years ago
  upsilon ae9935fcca
Wireless: make an "on" version of the wireless node 3 years ago
  upsilon 5422017493
Wireless: avoid inserting numerous times same wireless in wireless table 3 years ago
  upsilon b403e6e9ab
Wireless: bugfixes 3 years ago
  upsilon 9b61effa60
Attemps to fix a strange server freeze, probably due to the wireless 3 years ago
  upsilon 1d651b3811
Rename "Temporary gate" into "Time gate" 3 years ago
  upsilon 8ac9b40cf6
Add the LuaBlock 3 years ago
  upsilon aa54d34b5a
Fix switchtorch craft 3 years ago
  upsilon eebb82f48b
Fix unworking wireless when the wireless LBM is enabled 3 years ago
  upsilon 23dd415bbe
Wireless: add owners to wireless + optimize ? 3 years ago
  upsilon d8c859a162
Define vector_extras functions in moremesecons_utils 3 years ago
  upsilon 66ccf8af3b
adjustable player detector: increase detection radius formspec field width 3 years ago