A rewrite of the node_ownership Minetest mod with many new features. https://content.minetest.net/packages/ShadowNinja/areas/
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Areas mod API

API list

  • areas:registerHudHandler(handler) - Registers a handler to add items to the Areas HUD. See HUD.
  • areas:registerOnAdd(func(id, area))
  • areas:registerOnRemove(func(id))
  • areas:registerOnMove(func(id, area, pos1, pos2))


If you are making a protection mod or a similar mod that adds invisible regions to the world, and you would like then to show up in the areas HUD element, you can register a callback to show your areas.

HUD handler specification:

  • handler(pos, list)
    • pos - The position to check.
    • list - The list of area HUD elements, this should be modified in-place.

The area list item is a table containing a list of tables with the following fields:

  • id - An identifier for the area. This should be a unique string in the format mod:id.
  • name - The name of the area.
  • owner - The player name of the region owner, if any.

All of the fields are optional but at least one of them must be set.


local function areas_hud_handler(pos, areas)
    local val = find_my_protection(pos)

    if val then
        table.insert(areas, {
            id = "mod:"..val.id,
            name = val.name,
            owner = val.owner,