Jumping mod for minetest (e.g. trampolines) https://github.com/minetest-mods/jumping
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Jumping is a mod for Minetest that adds trampolines of different power levels, and cushions! The trampolines allow you to jump higher, while the cushions let you fall farther and not take as much damage.



Cushion Recipe

  • Cotton - Cotton

  • Wool (can be any colour) - Wool (can be any colour, as long as it is wool)

The wool can be any colour, however, different coloured cushions and trampolines will soon be added creating a use for the different colours of wool.

Two wool is required because you would probably want as much "cushioning" as possible in a cushion. The cotton is meant as an outline creating the cloth surrounding the wool.


Trampoline Recipe

  • Steel Ingot - Steel Ingot

  • Cushion - Cushion

When coloured cushions are implemented, colour will become not only an indicator to show how bouncy the trampoline is, but also a decoration on the top. You can also look at the InfoText to find the value showing how bouncy said trampoline is. This is called the "bouncy level."

To change the bouncy level, simply left click (punch) any trampoline. This will increase the bouncy level by 1 until 6. Right click to decrease the bouncy level by 1, until 1.

The steel ingots are used for the legs, while the cushions are obviously acting as the canvas. In fact, when some type of canvas is added, it will be used instead for the trampoline recipe.

Development Repositories

License and Information

License: GPLv3

Creator: Jeija