Mod for minetest that adds digital circuitry [=minecraft redstone]
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David Leal 168a923665
Use mod.conf for dependencies (#492)
2 weeks ago
textures Optimize images (#464) 1 year ago
actionqueue.lua Refactor actionqueue.lua (#501) 6 months ago
init.lua Never postpone action_on or action_off 3 years ago
internal.lua Improve rules and rule handling (#370) 2 years ago
legacy.lua Duplicate unhash_blockpos code to legacy.lua 3 years ago
mod.conf Use mod.conf for dependencies (#492) 2 weeks ago
oldwires.lua Replace usage of default.LIGHT_MAX with minetest.LIGHT_MAX 2 years ago
presets.lua Fix typo 2 years ago
services.lua Handle blasts (#356) 2 years ago
settings.lua Replace deprecated methods: 2 years ago
util.lua Use table.copy in mesecons.tablecopy 9 months ago