54 Commits (master)

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  Hugo Locurcio 917a46014f
Update copyright statements to 2020 5 months ago
  Hugo Locurcio e09d2fab01
Fix several typos in comments 1 year ago
  Hugo Locurcio 1d054ec431
Fix circular saw infotext message on initial placement 1 year ago
  codexp 2b047f19fd
Use translated description of material 1 year ago
  codexp e6740678f6
Remove parentheses from "owned by" translation 1 year ago
  codexp 2057441dc2
Escape formspec variables 1 year ago
  codexp e2e2af94cc
Fix forgotten variable 1 year ago
  codexp c7f80ce960
Refactor Lua format in locales 1 year ago
  Hugo Locurcio 76a00a5365
Update intllib support to avoid using deprecated functions 1 year ago
  Hugo Locurcio 0e885283c0
Update copyright statements to 2019 1 year ago
  Hugo Locurcio 26f59baba0
Update copyright year range for 2018 1 year ago
  Foz 6f1ee946a0 Fix saw left-over naming bug. 4 years ago
  Jat15 80d35c8215 Add listring for circular saw 2 years ago
  fishyWET 1fa4669ae8 Fix "replacement when inv is full" (#85) 2 years ago
  Hugo Locurcio df8c150c9a Add Sokomine to the copyright line of circular_saw.lua 2 years ago
  Vanessa Ezekowitz 0569ff9683 add a few new shapes to the table saw: (#67) 3 years ago
  Hugo Locurcio 831bbb2b27 Prepare for v1.0.0 release 3 years ago
  Auke Kok 085e9d56bc Remove unused gui_slots 3 years ago
  Auke Kok 5500c9906c Run cleanfile on all files, fixing whitespace issues. 3 years ago
  Auke Kok 2c63648f42 Prevent input stack_max from overflowing 4 years ago
  cmdskp 6878f64e7b Resolves swapping different blocks between inventories 4 years ago
  Pierre-Yves Rollo 54a7102291 Make stairplus:register_* functions work without using register_all. 4 years ago
  Marcin 18d3ff6951 Added new slopes to circular saw 5 years ago
  Marcin 1b45e895fc Fixed count of leftovers received from circular saw for slopes 5 years ago
  Craig Davison 56a9c885ff Circular saw: Prevent microblocks from duplicating 5 years ago
  kilbith 68e5b76c90 Speedup get_output_inv() 5 years ago
  kilbith 26799d2263 Speedup remnant stack calculation 5 years ago
  kilbith 7bd98ac02c Speedup get_output_inv 5 years ago
  kilbith 6491d0be42 Add mesh models into the circular saw 5 years ago
  Calinou 10d28eec32 More informative and shorter headers. 5 years ago
  Calinou b5d62de9d8 Add licensing headers to all files, fix intllib global variable warnings. 5 years ago
  Calinou cd65ed0930 Big cleanup. Fix intllib support. 5 years ago
  Calinou 6501336d86 Continue the potential fix. 5 years ago
  Calinou e308ecf472 Add potential fix for circular saw crash. 5 years ago
  Calinou c733848327 Try a fix for name_parts crash. 5 years ago
  Calinou f7916005c2 Code cleanup, new Stairs+ recipes. 5 years ago
  Calinou 28741bf242 Add an upper cap to circular saw max. 5 years ago
  Calinou e2f4cc369b Code cleanup. Add tar and more stone types. 6 years ago
  Calinou 008ade61de Added desert cobblestone Stairs+ nodes, circular saw cosmetic changes, remove obsolete code. 6 years ago
  Calinou 8337a6c192 Merge ShadowNinja's rewrite. 6 years ago
  Calinou 62f9f00fe8 Big update: new stair types, code looks better. 6 years ago
  Jat15 a14f0145c2 Circular_saw limit in inventory input 6 years ago
  Jat15 6c4af19353 Fix bug circular saw 6 years ago
  Jat a6b08697bb Circular_saw infotext translatable. 6 years ago
  Jat 06ece220b7 Add Coal Stone Bricks ( old Stone Bricks) and modify craft Iron Stone Bricks 6 years ago
  Calinou 1333faa48b Added new aliases for screwdriver and circular saw, new microblocks/panels, circular saw now has 4 rows with 8 items each 6 years ago
  Calinou f322bb1bc1 New slab types: 1/16, 1/8, 7/8, 15/16 slabs (suggested by VanessaE), reorganized circular saw 6 years ago
  Calinou 26e7268a5e Fix circlar saw duplication bug, thanks Sokomine 6 years ago
  Calinou aa9644d9f5 Fix 6 years ago
  Calinou 8b1c7c506d Put mod load print at bottom; fix crash with putting strings in number fields 6 years ago