972 Commits (master)

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  thetaepsilon-gamedev fbc4cc8511 technic_cnc/cnc.lua: Fix access to non-existant stack parameter (#528) 4 weeks ago
  Adrian 904800abde Add river water can (#527) 1 month ago
  Serhiy Zahoriya 1a45ad19d4 Alloy furnace: Accept only unique ItemStacks from tubes (#523) 1 month ago
  fgrosswig e90b28895c battery_box.lua: Make "srcstack" local (#525) 1 month ago
  fgrosswig 7696546d47 Fix steel strut overlay texture name (#526) 1 month ago
  coil da95be53ec Fix radiation protection when armor group is not set (#509) 1 month ago
  Luke aka SwissalpS 76a39e71b9 Cleanup duplicate call (#522) 2 months ago
  coil 08b660ba99 Add recipe to extract violet dye from blueberries (#518) 2 months ago
  _TarkFrench cb84439266 French translation: fix some errors and ortho (part 2) 4 months ago
  _TarkFrench c41f6509cf French translation: fix some errors and ortho (#513) 4 months ago
  David Leal d5df30c3ff Replace deprecated functions with newer ones (#510) 5 months ago
  coil e66bb281a4 Add cool_trees support to the chainsaw (#511) 5 months ago
  d-stephane 768fbecc64 Add french translation (#417) 6 months ago
  Sires 707fa5a97c Fix typos 1 year ago
  Sires 505ad8d045 Add translation for wrench mod 1 year ago
  Sires a75cb7252d Add translation for technic_worldgen mod 1 year ago
  Sires 662cc7e7ef Add translation for technic_chests mod 1 year ago
  Sires e12220be79 Add translation for technic mod 1 year ago
  Sires 19e045e042 Add translation for extranodes mod 1 year ago
  Sires e8e5df3f4a Add translation for concrete mod 1 year ago
  coil d119a67482 Refactor switching station ABMs (#508) 6 months ago
  coil bb05ff8fd2 Reject constructor in constructor slot inventories (#505) 7 months ago
  Vanessa Dannenberg d1bf386b80 Use Unified Dyes on_dig where needed (#506) 7 months ago
  coil dc4f4f66e6 Apply radiation damage only if entity is not dead (#504) 7 months ago
  Hugo Locurcio 62fdb853ec Optimize PNG images losslessly (#501) 8 months ago
  obl3pplifp 8a987bb361 Add tubelib support to technic chests (#498) 8 months ago
  Parasitoid e8f1033d49 Add alloy ice + bucket = water bucket (#470) 9 months ago
  mat9117 a9b10cc4b1 Fix Polish translation (#497) 10 months ago
  Lejo b81d1d3f2d Check protection of the forcefield and Quarry (#468) 10 months ago
  mat9117 c9ba4b329d Add Polish translation (#493) 11 months ago
  upsala 700faca5cb Add moretrees poplar to chainsaw (#489) 11 months ago
  Thomas Rudin c14521cbd2 Quarry: Fix server freeze when max depth is reduced (#487) 1 year ago
  Christopher Head 4f78a69ffc Fix trailing whitespace (#482) 1 year ago
  Christopher Head 5f6b87d43a Fix spelling errors (#481) 1 year ago
  Christopher Head 6e58a8e939 Make power meter work on LV battery box (#483) 1 year ago
  Vanessa Dannenberg 8ebc1de29c make sure MV turbines only turn on in response to *flowing* water 1 year ago
  upsala e1a71a8fb0 Add MV-Freezer (#457) 1 year ago
  Thomas Rudin 701240bc3a Quarry: Check for valid facedir to fix server freeze #465 (#466) 1 year ago
  Lejo aa82fa1d13 Forcefield: Remove deprecated update_map() call (#467) 1 year ago
  Vanessa Dannenberg bdd13beeff fix brass block->ingot recipe 1 year ago
  GreenXenith f5bf0d98b1 Add mod check for strut register 1 year ago
  Vanessa Dannenberg 3cafe7553a minor fix for "LV" translations 1 year ago
  Vanessa Dannenberg bc26b047d2 add blast-resistant concrete 1 year ago
  Vanessa Dannenberg 83ec1b2476 fix dirt textures 1 year ago
  Vanessa Dannenberg c068edec65 fix excessive "element straight" quantity 1 year ago
  Vanessa Dannenberg 4ecb3d4334 make "half"/"full" buttons work 1 year ago
  Vanessa Dannenberg d40946fa38 allow CNC to work without technic 1 year ago
  Vanessa Dannenberg dc0689018d move CNC machine into its own mod 1 year ago
  Vanessa Dannenberg 51d7bd81ff let moreblocks handle brass block stairs et. al (#456) 1 year ago
  Vanessa Dannenberg 2b2411d1ee blast-resistant concrete stairs/slopes/et. al (#455) 1 year ago