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This Minetest modpack adds machinery and automation procedure content to your world. A few notable features:

  • Electric circuits
  • Automated material processing (ores, wood, ...)
  • Extended chest functionalities



The modpack is explained in the Manual included in this repository.

  1. My technic circuit doesn’t work. No power is distributed.
    • Make sure you have a switching station connected.
  2. My wires do not connect to the machines.
    • Each machine type requires its own cable type. If you do not have a matching circuit, consider using a “Supply Converter” for simplicity.

For modders: There is currently no API documentation. Any help to improve this situation is greatly welcome. Please do not hesitate to submit a Pull Request.


Unless otherwise stated, all components of this modpack are licensed under the LGPLv2 or later. See also the individual mod folders for their secondary/alternate licenses, if any.


Contributors in alphabetical order:

  • kpoppel
  • Nekogloop
  • Nore/Ekdohibs
  • ShadowNinja
  • VanessaE
  • And many others...