178 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Dmitry Kostenko 53e1b52ff4 Reset blend equation in 2D mode in OGLES1 and OGLES2 drivers 3 weeks ago
Dmitry Kostenko a04a0d2a4b Reset blend operation in 2d mode 3 weeks ago
paradust7 392df9bae3 Use CGWarpMouseCursorPosition 3 weeks ago
sfan5 426730bf91 Don't crash attempting to scale zero-sized images 4 weeks ago
sfan5 aa095d9525
Remove more dead code (#108) 4 weeks ago
paradust7 128cf1696c
Remove core::list and replace uses with std::list (#105) 1 month ago
paradust7 3e81f38098
Make irrArray backed by std::vector (#101) 1 month ago
sfan5 593103a261 Refactor SDL device to use the same abstraction as other devices 1 month ago
sfan5 0732807cc8 Improve IrrCompileConfig handling in cmake 1 month ago
paradust7 00a7741cd4 Remove irrMap and use std::map instead 2 months ago
paradust7 51ae495c4a
Remove extra memcpy in ogles2 driver 2 months ago
Richard Try 6928c7eb6f
Add hash for vector2d and vector3d (#93) 2 months ago
sfan5 372b3642bf Bump revision 2 months ago
paradust7 51dad49d8b
Unit tests for irrArray (#103) 2 months ago
sfan5 fc4eda0f44 Properly strip windows binaries produced by CI 2 months ago
paradust7 401e769114 Enable GL_ALPHA_TEST in OpenGL driver for custom transparent alpha shaders 2 months ago
ndren 24594ce226
Add missing overrides to fix compiler warnings 2 months ago
paradust7 ba0396e93d
Replace HWBufferMap with a list and back pointers (#99) 2 months ago
sfan5 c9b66c8c58 Sort out two -Wdeprecated-copy warnings 2 months ago
sfan5 8b1d0db8e2 AutomatedTest: improve and run under macOS CI too 4 months ago
sfan5 e469c54f76 Fix COSOperator::getSystemMemory 4 months ago
sfan5 df908ef4ea Get rid of various old compiler and platform checks 4 months ago
sfan5 01586f584a Delete more old files 4 months ago
sfan5 95af6d7c08 Get rid of all sprintf calls 4 months ago
sfan5 00dd274510 Fix uninitialized variable in previous commit 4 months ago
sfan5 d59bcdbd07 Create OpenGL context using CreateContextAttribsARB 4 months ago
sfan5 09b8837ef9 Fix SDL2 include paths 4 months ago
cutealien 4fb1c55ec5 IBillboardSceneNode got functions to access meshbuffers. 5 months ago
cutealien 7fb36849c7 vector3d scalar operator/ and operator/= no longer multiply by the inverse but use the expected division. 5 months ago
cutealien 8c0ee7d9ab Avoid some warnings from static code analysis. 5 months ago
cutealien 684293f527 Prefer static_cast to reinterpret_cast where possible. 6 months ago
cutealien 1b8be72ccb de-deprecate clearZBuffer 9 months ago
sfan5 d3132e0731 Update MinGW CI setup to match MT's 5 months ago
sfan5 e5f69157db Bump revision 5 months ago
sfan5 fa2a7dc236 Gracefully handle lack of bundle on macOS 5 months ago
sfan5 7d1dc8b2d5 Get rid of ancient workaround 5 months ago
Emmanuel Hansen 53db262bd2
Update CIrrDeviceSDL to support SDL2 (#85) 5 months ago
sfan5 195759100f CB3DMeshFileLoader: abort if offsets point outside of file 5 months ago
x2048 2fec5e5dd3
Reset mesh animation state before recalculating normals (#90) 6 months ago
ROllerozxa 52e03a8485
Remove unused attribute saving and loading (#86) 6 months ago
sfan5 dd09fdcb4e
Remove more unused code (#87) 6 months ago
William L. DeRieux IV 4bdecbc6b7 Automatically use SSE registers for FP operations on i386 (#83) 7 months ago
JosiahWI 6d133e1bcc Fix various GCC warnings 8 months ago
JosiahWI d4119ba664 Remove unused functions 8 months ago
sfan5 2f2d37dce6 Reduce _IRR_MATERIAL_MAX_TEXTURES_ to 4 7 months ago
sfan5 d322b73e4c Get rid of MATERIAL_MAX_TEXTURES_USED 7 months ago
sfan5 6779cb7254 Unconditionally load first texture matrix in OpenGL driver 7 months ago
x2048 39cad3e618
Fix updating of vertex normals for animated meshes (#77) 8 months ago
sfan5 81bae5b717 Replace some questionable math implementations 8 months ago
sfan5 dbd39120e7 Limit dimensions of all image loaders to 23000x23000 9 months ago