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[mod] Visible Player Armor [3d_armor]

-Overview -API
-Armor Configuration - - 3d_Armor Item Storage
- - disable_specific_materials - - Armor Registration
- - armor_init_delay - - Registering Armor Groups
- - wieldview_update_time - - Groups used by 3d_Armor
- - armor_bones_delay - - - Elements
- - armor_update_time - - - Attributes
- - armor_drop - - - Physics
- - armor_destroy - - - Durability
- - armor_level_multiplier - - - Armor Material
- - armor_heal_multiplier - - Armour Functions
- - armor_set_elements - - - armor:set_player_armor
- - armor_set_bonus - - - armor:punch
- - armor_water_protect - - - armor:damage
- - armor_fire_protect - - - armor:remove_all
- - armor_punch_damage - - - armor:equip
- - armor_migrate_old_inventory - - - armor:unequip
- - - armor:update_skin
-Credits - - Callbacks
- - - Item callbacks
- - - Global callbacks


Depends: default

Recommends: sfinv, unified_inventory or smart_inventory (use only one to avoid conflicts)

Supports: player_monoids, armor_monoid and POVA

Adds craftable armor that is visible to other players. Each armor item worn contributes to a player's armor group level making them less vulnerable to weapons.

Armor takes damage when a player is hurt but also offers a percentage chance of healing. Overall level is boosted by 10% when wearing a full matching set.

Armor Configuration

Change the following default settings by going to Main Menu>>Settings(Tab)>>All Settings(Button)>>Mods>>minetest-3d_Armor>>3d_Armor

To disable individual armor materials

set the below to false

armor_material_wood = true
armor_material_cactus = true
armor_material_steel = true
armor_material_bronze = true
armor_material_diamond = true
armor_material_gold = true
armor_material_mithril = true
armor_material_crystal = true
armor_material_nether = true

Initialization glitches when a player first joins

Increase to prevent glitches

armor_init_delay = 2

Armor not in bones due to server lag

Increase to help resolve

armor_bones_delay = 1

How often player armor items are updated

Number represents how often per second update is performed, higher value means less performance hit for servers but armor items maybe delayed in updating when switching.Fractional seconds also supported eg 0.1

armor_update_time = 1

Drop armor when a player dies

Uses bones mod if present, otherwise items are dropped around the player when false.

armor_drop = true

Destroy armor when a player dies

overrides armor_drop.

armor_destroy = false

Armor level multiplyer

Increase to make armor more effective and decrease to make armor less effective eg: level_multiplier = 0.5 will reduce armor level by half.

armor_level_multiplier = 1

Armor healing multiplyer

Increase to make armor healing more effective and decrease to make healing less effective eg: armor_heal_multiplier = 0 will disable healing altogether.

armor_heal_multiplier = 1

Allows the customisation of armor set

Shields already configured as need to be worn to complete an armor set
These names come from Element names, the second half of the element name only is used eg armor_head is head

armor_set_elements = head torso legs feet shield

Armor set bonus multiplier

Set to 1 to disable set bonus

armor_set_multiplier = 1.1

Enable water protection

periodically restores breath when activated

armor_water_protect = true

Enable fire protection

defaults to true if using ethereal mod

armor_fire_protect = false

Fire protection enabled, disable torch fire damage

when fire protection is enabled allows you to disable fire damage from torches defaults to true if using ethereal mod

armor_fire_protect_torch = false

Enable punch damage effects

armor_punch_damage = true

Migration of old armor inventories

armor_migrate_old_inventory = true

How often player wield items are updated

Number represents how often per second update is performed, higher value means less performance hit for servers but wield items maybe delayed in updating when switching. Fractional seconds also supported eg 0.1
Note this is MT engine functionality but included for completness

wieldview_update_time = 1


3d_Armor item storage

3d_Armor stores each armor piece a player currently has equiped in a detached inventory. The easiest way to access this inventory if needed is using this line of code

local _, armor_inv = armor:get_valid_player(player, "3d_armor")


armor:register_on_equip(function(player, index, stack)
	local _, armor_inv = armor:get_valid_player(player, "3d_armor")
		for i = 1, 6 do
			local stack = armor_inv:get_stack("armor", i)
				if stack:get_name() == "3d_armor:chestplate_gold" then
					minetest.chat_send_player(player:get_player_name(),"Got to love the Bling!!!")

Armor Registration

armor:register_armor(name, def)

Wrapper function for minetest.register_tool, which enables the easy registration of new armor items. While registering armor as a tool item is still supported, this may be deprecated in future so all armor items should be registered using armor:register_armor(name,def).

Additional fields supported by 3d_armor

texture = <filename>
preview = <filename>
armor_groups = <table>
damage_groups = <table>
reciprocate_damage = <bool>
on_equip = <function>
on_unequip = <function>
on_destroy = <function>
on_damage = <function>
on_punched = <function>

Reciprocal tool damage will apply damage back onto the attacking tool/weapon, however this will only be done by the first armor inventory item with reciprocate_damage = true, damage does not stack.

Example Simple:

armor:register_armor("mod_name:chestplate_leather", {
	description = "Leather Chestplate",
	inventory_image = "mod_name_inv_chestplate_leather.png",
	texture = "mod_name_leather_chestplate.png",
	preview = "mod_name_leather_chestplate_preview.png",
	groups = {armor_torso=1, armor_heal=0, armor_use=2000, flammable=1},
	armor_groups = {fleshy=10},
	damage_groups = {cracky=3, snappy=2, choppy=3, crumbly=2, level=1}

See armor.lua under 3d_armor>>3d_armor for further examples

Extended functionality
The values for texture and preview do not need to be included when registering armor if they follow the naming convention in the textures mod folder of:
texture: mod_name_leather_chestplate.png
preview: mod_name_leather_chestplate_preview.png

Registering Armor Groups

3d armor has a built in armor group which is fleshy all players base vulnerability to being fleshy is 100. 3d armour allows for the easy registration/addition of new armor groups::

armor:register_armor_group(group, base)

group: Is the name of the new armor group base Is the starting vulnerability that all players have to that new group. This dosent need to be 100.


armor:register_armor_group("radiation", 100)

New armor group is registered called radiation and all players start off with a base vulnerability of 100 to radiation.

Example Showing armor reg, new group usage and custom function

armor:register_armor("mod_name:speed_boots", {
	description = "Speed Boots",
	inventory_image = "mod_name_speed_boots_inv.png",
	texture = "mod_name_speed_boots.png",
	preview = "mod_name_speed_boots_preview.png",
	groups = {armor_feet=1, armor_use=500, physics_speed=1.2, flammable=1},
	armor_groups = {fleshy=10, radiation=10},
	damage_groups = {cracky=3, snappy=3, choppy=3, crumbly=3, level=1},
	reciprocate_damage = true,
	on_destroy = function(player, index, stack)
		local pos = player:get_pos()
		if pos then
				name = "mod_name_break_sound",
				pos = pos,
				gain = 0.5,

Tools/weapons and new armor groups

The above allows armor to block/prevent new damage types but you also need to assign the new damage group to a tool/weapon or even a node (see technic mod) to make wearing the armor item meaningful. Simply add the armor_groups name to the tool items damage_groups.


minetest.register_tool("mod_name:glowing_sword", {
    description = "Glowing Sword",
    inventory_image = "mod_name_tool_glowingsword.png",
    tool_capabilities = {full_punch_interval = 1.2,max_drop_level=0,
	    cracky = {times={[3]=1.60}, uses=10, maxlevel=1},},
	    damage_groups = {fleshy=10,radiation=20},
	sound = {breaks = "default_tool_breaks"},
    groups = {pickaxe = 1, flammable = 2}

Groups used by 3d_Armor

3d_armor has many default groups already registered, these are categorized under 4 main headings

  • Elements: armor_head, armor_torso, armor_legs, armor_feet
  • Attributes: armor_heal, armor_fire, armor_water, armor_feather
  • Physics: physics_jump, physics_speed, physics_gravity
  • Durability: armor_use, flammable

Note: for calculation purposes "Attributes" and "Physics" values stack


Additional armor elements can be added by dependant mods, for example shields adds the group armor_shield which has by default a limit that only 1 shield can be worn at a time.

Adding Elements is more complex but the below code can be used to add new elements;

if minetest.global_exists("armor") and armor.elements then
	table.insert(armor.elements, "hands")

1st line not strictly needed but checks that the global table "armor" and subtable "elements" exists
2nd line adds a new value to the armor.elements table called "hands"

See init.lua under 3d_armor>>shields for a further example

The new armor item can now be registered using the new element Example

armor:register_armor("mod_name:gloves_wood", {    
    description = "Wood Gauntlets",   
    inventory_image = "mod_name_inv_gloves_wood.png",
    texture = "mod_name_gloves_wood.png",
	preview = "mod_name_gloves_wood_preview.png",   
    groups = {armor_hands=1, armor_heal=0, armor_use=2000, flammable=1},   
    armor_groups = {fleshy=5},    
    damage_groups = {cracky=3, snappy=2, choppy=3, crumbly=2, level=1},


Three attributes are avaliable in 3d_armor these are armor_heal, armor_fire and armor_water. Although possible to add additional attributes they would do nothing as code needs to be provide to specifiy the behaviour this could be done in a dependant mod


This isn't how much the armor will heal but relates to the chance the armor will completely block the damage. For each point of armor_heal there is a 1% chance that damage will be completely blocked, this value will stack between all armor pieces

Example The below Diamond chestplate has a 12% chance to completely block all damage (armor_heal=12), however so do boots, helmet and trousers so if the player was wearing all 4 pieces they would have a 48% chance of blocking all damage each attack.

armor:register_armor("3d_armor:chestplate_diamond", {
	description = S("Diamond Chestplate"),
	inventory_image = "3d_armor_inv_chestplate_diamond.png",
	groups = {armor_torso=1, armor_heal=12, armor_use=200},
	armor_groups = {fleshy=20},
	damage_groups = {cracky=2, snappy=1, choppy=1, level=3},


"Armor_fire" provides 5 levels of fire protection

  • level 1 protects against torches
  • level 2 protects against crystal spike (Ethereal mod)
  • level 3 protects against fire
  • level 4 unused
  • level 5 protects against lava


armor:register_armor("mod_name:fire_proof_jacket", {
	description = "Fire Proof Jacket",
	inventory_image = "mod_name_inv_fire_proof_jacket.png",
	groups = {armor_torso=1, armor_fire=3, armor_use=1000},
	armor_groups = {fleshy=10},
	damage_groups = {cracky=2, snappy=1, choppy=1, level=3},


"Armor_water" will periodically restore a players breath when underwater. This only has one level or state, which is armor_water=1


armor:register_armor("mod_name:helmet_underwater_breath", {
	description = "Helmet of Underwater Breathing",
	inventory_image = "mod_name_inv_helmet_underwater_breath.png",
	groups = {armor_head=1, armor_water=1, armor_use=1000},
	armor_groups = {fleshy=5},
	damage_groups = {cracky=2, snappy=1, choppy=1, level=3},


"Armor_feather" will slow a player when falling. This only has one level or state, which is armor_feather=1


The physics attributes supported by 3d_armor are physics_jump, physics_speed and physics_gravity. Although 3d_armor supports the use of this with no other mods it is recommended that the mod player_monoids is used to help with intermod compatability.

physics_jump - Will increase/decrease the jump strength of the player so they can jump more/less. The base number is "1" and any value is added or subtracted, supports fractional so "physics_jump=1" will increase jump strength by 100%. "physics_jump= -0.5" will decrease jump by 50%.

physics_speed - Will increase/decrease the walk speed of the player so they walk faster/slower. The base number is "1" and any value is added or subtracted, supports fractional so "physics_speed=1.5" will increase speed by 150%, "physics_speed= -0.5" will decrease speed by 50%.

physics_gravity - Will increase/decrease gravity the player experiences so it's higher/lower. The base number is "1" and any value is added or subtracted, supports fractional so "physics_gravity=2" will increase gravity by 200%, "physics_gravity= -1" will decrease gravity by 100%.

Note: The player physics modifications won't be applied via set_physics_override if player_physics_locked is set to 1 in the respective player's meta.


Durability is determined by the value assigned to the group armor_use. The higher the armor_use value the faster/more quickly it is damaged/degrades. This is calculated using the formula:

 Total uses = approx(65535/armor_use)

All wood armor items have an armor_use=2000;

65535/2000 = 32.76 (32)   

After 32 uses(hits) the armor item will break.

All diamond armor items have an armor_use=200;

65535/2000 = 327.6 (327)   

After 327 uses(hits) the armor item will break.

Armor Material

The material the armor is made from is defined by adding the material to the end of registered armor item name. It is very important the material is the last item in the registered item name and it is preceeded by an "_" eg "_materialname". The material name is what 3d_armor uses to determine if a player is wearing a set of armor. To recieve the set bonus all items worn must be made of the same material. So to get a set bonus under the default set settings the players armor items listed below must be made of the same material:

  • head - Helmet
  • torso - Chestplate
  • legs - Leggings
  • feet - Boots
  • shield - Shields

If all of the above were made of material "wood" the player would recieve an armor_set_bonus of armor_level * 1.1, essentially +10%

Example One

armor:register_armor("3d_armor:helmet_bronze", {
	description = S("Bronze Helmet"),
	inventory_image = "3d_armor_inv_helmet_bronze.png",
	groups = {armor_head=1, armor_heal=6, armor_use=400, physics_speed=-0.01, physics_gravity=0.01},
	armor_groups = {fleshy=10},
	damage_groups = {cracky=3, snappy=2, choppy=2, crumbly=1, level=2},

Example Two

armor:register_armor("new_mod:helmet_spartan_bronze", {
	description = S("Spartan Helmet"),
	inventory_image = "new_mod_inv_helmet_spartan_bronze.png",
	groups = {armor_head=1, armor_heal=6, armor_use=350, physics_speed=-0.01, physics_gravity=0.01},
	armor_groups = {fleshy=12},
	damage_groups = {cracky=3, snappy=2, choppy=2, crumbly=1, level=2},

Note: At the moment an armor item can only be made of one material

Armor Functions

See also: API Reference

armor set_player_armor


Primarily an internal function but can be called externally to apply any changes that might not otherwise get handled.

armor punch

armor:punch(player, hitter, time_from_last_punch, tool_capabilities)

Used to apply damage to all equipped armor based on the damage groups of each individual item.hitter, time_from_last_punch and tool_capabilities are optional but should be valid if included.

armor damage

armor:damage(player, index, stack, use)

Adds wear to a single armor itemstack, triggers on_damage callbacks and updates the necessary inventories. Also handles item destruction callbacks and so should NOT be called from on_unequip to avoid an infinite loop.

armor remove_all


Removes all armors from the player's inventory without triggering any callback.

armor equip

armor:equip(player, armor_name)

Equip the armor, removing the itemstack from the main inventory if there's one.

armor unequip

armor:unequip(player, armor_name)

Unequip the armor, adding the itemstack to the main inventory.

armor update_skin


Triggers a skin update with the same action as if a field with skins_set was submitted.


Item Callbacks

In all of the below when armor is destroyed stack will contain a copy of the previous stack.

unsure what this note means may apply to all item callbacks or just on_punched
Return false to override armor damage effects.


on_equip = func(player, index, stack)


on_unequip = func(player, index, stack)


on_destroy = func(player, index, stack)


on_damage = func(player, index, stack)


on_punched = func(player, hitter, time_from_last_punch, tool_capabilities)

on_punched is called every time a player is punched or takes damage, hitter, time_from_last_punch and tool_capabilities can be nil and will be in the case of fall damage.
When fire protection is enabled, hitter == "fire" in the event of fire damage.

Global Callbacks

armor register_on_update


armor register_on_equip

armor:register_on_equip(function(player, index, stack))

armor register_on_unequip

armor:register_on_unequip(function(player, index, stack))

armor register_on_destroy

armor:register_on_destroy(function(player, index, stack))


	print(player:get_player_name().." armor updated!")


The below have added too, tested or in other ways contributed to the development and ongoing support of 3d_Armor

Stu Stujones11 Stu Github Ghosts
Pavel_S BlockMen Tenplus1 donat-b
JPRuehmann BrandonReese Megaf Zeg9
poet.nohit Echoes91 Adimgar Khonkhortisan
VanessaE CraigyDavi proller Thomasrudin
Byakuren kilbith (jp) afflatus G1ov4
Thomas-S Dragonop Napiophelios Emojigit
rubenwardy daviddoesminetest bell07 OgelGames
tobyplowy crazyginger72 fireglow bhree
Lone_Wolf(HT) Wuzzy(2) numberZero Monte48
AntumDeluge Terumoc runsy Dacmot
codexp davidthecreator SmallJoker orbea
BuckarooBanzay daret Exeterdad Calinou
Pilcrow182 indriApollo HybridDog CraigyDavi
Paly-2 Diogogomes

Note: Names gathered from 3d_armor forum thread and github, I may have missed some people, apologises if I have - S01