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Modpack - 3d Armor

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Table of Contents

[mod] Visible Player Armor [3d_armor]

Minetest Version: 5.0.0 and newer

Game: minetest_game and many derivatives

Depends: default

Adds craftable armor that is visible to other players. Each armor item worn contributes to a player's armor group level making them less vulnerable to attack.

Armor takes damage when a player is hurt, however, many armor items offer a 'stackable' percentage chance of restoring the lost health points. Overall armor level is boosted by 10% when wearing a full matching set (helmet, chestplate, leggings and boots of the same material)

Fire protection has been added by TenPlus1 and in use when ethereal mod is found and crystal armor has been enabled. each piece of armor offers 1 fire protection, level 1 protects against torches, level 2 against crystal spikes, 3 for fire and 5 protects when in lava.

Compatible with sfinv, inventory plus or unified inventory by enabling the appropriate inventory module, [3d_armor_sfinv], [3d_armor_ip] and [3d_armor_ui] respectively. Also compatible with [smart_inventory] without the need for additional modules.

built in support player skins [skins] by Zeg9 and Player Textures [player_textures] by PilzAdam and [simple_skins] by TenPlus1.

Armor can be configured by adding a file called armor.conf in 3d_armor mod or world directory. see armor.conf.example for all available options.

For mod installation instructions, please visit: http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Installing_Mods

The specific "armors as modpack" refactorization allows anyone to enable/disable any armors they want as mods rather than obscure settings of the past. (See #78 for further explanation.)

Currently, the modpack includes:

  • armor_admin
  • armor_bronze
  • armor_cactus
  • armor_crystal
  • armor_diamond
  • armor_gold
  • armor_mithril
  • armor_nether
  • armor_steel
  • armor_wood

as separate armor mods intentionally. All these mods depend on 3d_armor.

API Reference

[mod] Visible Wielded Items [wieldview]

Depends: 3d_armor

Makes hand wielded items visible to other players.

[mod] Shields [shields]

Depends: 3d_armor

Originally a part of 3d_armor, shields have been re-included as an optional extra. If you do not want shields then simply remove the shields folder from the modpack.

[mod] 3d Armor Stand [3d_armor_stand]

Depends: 3d_armor

Adds a chest-like armor stand for armor storage and display.