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Sokomine 435b8cdda5
Merge pull request #5 from fluxionary/pipeworks_connect
trigger pipeworks visual connection when placing a shared chest next to a pipe
4 months ago
Sokomine 543144c693
Merge pull request #4 from fluxionary/infotext_tweak
set infotext after swapping node
4 months ago
Sokomine 7d32cb06c7 merged flux' PRs 4 months ago
Sokomine 054b9e62a2
Merge pull request #3 from fluxionary/shared_removal
Shared removal
4 months ago
flux 470774008a
trigger pipeworks visual connection when placing a shared chest next to a pipe 5 months ago
flux 9289a1ae9d
set infotext after swapping node 5 months ago
Sokomine eefeb09d8a fixed crash 9 months ago
Sokomine 80d4ce0d84 added right textures when pipeworks is installed 9 months ago
Sokomine 81b601b374 added colorwallmounted variant of chest 9 months ago
Sokomine d335f5cf03 prepared for colored chests (8 colors) 9 months ago
flux c851ab7e16 fix crash (fixes #2) 1 year ago
flux 6d2bfe336a allow players who can access the chest to dig it 1 year ago
Sokomine a532518d61 added mod.conf 1 year ago
Sokomine d1093fe448 fixed listring for first right-click 2 years ago
Sokomine 31366d3fc9 added listrings 2 years ago
Sokomine 06f4befded renamed obsolete functions to new name 4 years ago
Sokomine e7a1f8fd86 removed pipeworks overlay from front side 5 years ago
Sokomine 7a4d7c4a67 works with newest unified_inventory 5 years ago
Sokomine fa0ff79ddb handled switichng of chest with larger inv to smaller inv 5 years ago
Sokomine 73c69f2eed support for technic chests 5 years ago
Sokomine 89beb85a6d added support for shared locked chest; uses set_node instead of swap_node for cleaner operation; preparation for more versatile support of other chest types 5 years ago
Sokomine 4125be6ba4 added description.txt 5 years ago
Sokomine 5cb641e2e5 fixed bug in upgrade process 5 years ago
Sokomine c0b9abb034 works with newer versions of mt again 5 years ago
Sokomine 962f2a9ea8 added option to set a description on mouseover for shared chests 9 years ago
Sokomine b70ff5a39e fixed typo 9 years ago
Sokomine 6c9aa5d494 fixed severe bug that allowed all players to access the shared chests 9 years ago
Sokomine 119ad05e73 added depends.txt because default.node_sound_wood_defaults() and materials for crafting from default are used 9 years ago
Sokomine ebc97274a3 fixed typo 9 years ago
Sokomine a7779f8be2 added crafting receipe 9 years ago
Sokomine 1fc275ec92 added update function 9 years ago
Sokomine 0ce03c5083 added swap all/filter all commands 9 years ago
Sokomine 6994e82f4c initial commit 9 years ago