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HybridDog baefd45248 Update README 4 years ago
HybridDog dd0c645899 Use LBM instead of ABM to fix rare half chests 4 years ago
HybridDog 04c7f21624 Fix README 4 years ago
Hybrid Dog e9aa55d4e6 Add the chest lid to connected default chests 5 years ago
Hybrid Dog 244e7fbf3a Update for new minetest_game 5 years ago
DS e7718a0aa5 disallow rotating and connect tube at front of both sides (#3) 6 years ago
̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄ ̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄̄ 22d824e24f Update 6 years ago
HybridDog ccac8fe4ca dont use table.copy for copying the original nodedef and update readme 7 years ago