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This is what I consider to be a fairly feature-filled home decor
modpack. As such, it comes in multiple parts:

* The actual homedecor mod, which supplies a bunch of stuff found in
most homes (like flower pots, home electronics, brass and wrought-iron
tables, and a bunch of other things).

* A "3d extras" mod, which supplies things that re-define something in
some other mod (or in the default game) so that those objects become
fully 3d (instead of a flat cube), as well as things which are directly
related. This mod, for example, provides 3d bookshelves and their empty
and half-depth "open frame" counterparts.

* Sdzen's building_blocks mod, which is here to supply not only a few
blocks to build with, obviously, :-) but also to supply a number of
materials to craft other things in Homedecor with.

* This modpack used to contain a copy of signs_lib, and still supports it
if present, but that mod is now maintained separately at

All items can be accessed either by crafting various other items
together, or with the usual /give commands. To get a list of the actual
node names, just go into the homedecor/ folder and run the
Bash script. Note that a few of the listed nodes are kinda useless by
themselves (like the various parts of the folding doors).

All of the images used for the recipes in the forum post tracking this
mod are included in the crafting-guide/ folder.

Most stuff can be made from materials found through a game world. Some
stuff can only be crafted by using materials from another mod (look for
the orange highlights). Currently, this mod can use materials from
moreores, mesecons, wool, and unifieddyes if present. You can still use
the usual /give commands to get the items that depend on these mods if
you don't use them installed.

This mod is still a work-in-progress, but should be complete enough not
to irritate anyone. :-) Namely, many items can be used as fuel but the
burn times need tuning and I need to tune the cook time and fuel usage
on the four smelted items.

Much of the code (especially for the doors) plus the bucket were taken
from the files which come with Minetest and altered to suit. Many
thanks to Jeija for coming up with an elegant cylinder using nodeboxes;
see his 'irregular' mods). His code is used herein (you can guess where
:-) ).
This is what I consider to be a fairly feature-filled home decor modpack.
See the forum thread at for details about
this modpack.

Dependencies: unifieddyes and a Minetest engine build newer than 2017-01-23.

Recommends: signs_lib, windmill, moreblocks, unified_inventory.

Skin credits:

Mammu by hansuke123

BrightGirl by Malarif