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  Wuzzy c9ef53904a Try to fix mahmutelmas06's reported bug 3 years ago
  Wuzzy 42da48502e Version 1.1.0 3 years ago
  Wuzzy b29164fd7f Code = MIT License 3 years ago
  Wuzzy 1a59ee78c4 Add link to license 3 years ago
  Wuzzy 608943de66 Use new intllib format strings 3 years ago
  Wuzzy 700fd8b4a6 Fix outdated inttlib boilerplate 3 years ago
  Wuzzy 5f7b6273bd Update metadata 3 years ago
  Wuzzy c4f1ae3992 Add intllib support 3 years ago
  Wuzzy 59c822095b Update README, use Markdown format 3 years ago
  Wuzzy 7bc1afbeb0 Add support for old bags mod 3 years ago
  Wuzzy 1750111664 Use bag icons directly from UI 3 years ago
  Wuzzy 4a8da309e5 Unify backpack icon PNG formats 3 years ago
  Wuzzy 5d4695a4c6 Stop polluting global namespace 3 years ago
  Wuzzy c6c8a56017 Fix credits once again 5 years ago
  Wuzzy a269ae20ab Update credits, version 1.0.1 5 years ago
  Wuzzy a73f69de85 Put version 1.0.0 into README 5 years ago
  Wuzzy ce66056844 Add bags icons into textures 5 years ago
  Wuzzy c1728a7050 Apply correct bag color for full bags right from the beginning 5 years ago
  Wuzzy f207fcf5b2 Update readme file 5 years ago
  Wuzzy 38c4cde03f Add unified_inventory support (part 2) 5 years ago
  Wuzzy 9c63d43fef Add unified_inventory support (part 1) 5 years ago
  Wuzzy 2f4c3c85fc Fix timeer, revert text color to white 5 years ago
  Wuzzy c3cd4e8589 Update inventory icon each second 5 years ago
  Wuzzy 7f9af415bb Show inventory icon on player joining 5 years ago
  Wuzzy c4959b055b Add description and icons 5 years ago