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This simple mod uses nodeboxes to supply a complete set of 3D flanged pipes,
along with "valve" and "pump" devices.
This mod uses nodeboxes to supply a complete set of 3D pipes and tubes,
along devices that work with them.
See "Overview.html" for detailed information about usage of this mod.
Unlike the previous version of this mod, these pipes are rounded, and when
placed, they'll automatically join together as needed. Pipes can go vertically
@ -14,21 +16,9 @@ windows, as if full (the two colors should also be easy to select if you want
to change them in a paint program). These windows only appear on straight
lengths and on certain junctions.
There are no crafting recipes, yet, but you can use /giveme as usual, namely
"/giveme pipeworks:pipe 999" or so, and then place them as needed. See
init.lua for more details.
This mod is intended to be used as a basis or at least as sort of a model for
something else to build on (perhaps a nicer-looking oil mod?), and does not
provide any of the code necessary to cause anything to flow through them. Like
the pipes, the valve and pump don't do anything useful yet, but you can punch
them to turn them "on" and "off". Note that the valve and pump textures and
shapes are not yet complete (hence their boxy appearance).
This mod is a work in progress.
Please note that owing to the nature of this mod, I have opted to use 64px
textures. Anything less just looks terrible.
If you don't need the old node names from the previous version of this mod,
edit init.lua and comment-out the 'dofile' line at the top.
All parts of this mod are licensed under the WTFPL.