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unknown fc0d4990b0 make minor bugfixes to restore compat with mineclone2 4 months ago
OgelGames 5345fe7af3
Prevent vacuum tubes breaking themselves and refactor code (#51) 5 months ago
sfence 4fce320d9c
Better Hades Revisited support (#30) 11 months ago
wsor4035 37eef73695
add I3 support + update to formspecs v2 (#22) 12 months ago
wsor4035 5aa0501872
make pipeworks Game agnostic (#16) 1 year ago
Vanessa Dannenberg fc6efb450c add support for Unified Inventory categories 2 years ago
VanessaE 9eefe9c7bb add minimum minetest version key for contentdb 3 years ago
Louis Royer 62bc13078f Add translation support 3 years ago
Auke Kok c26d6932ba Adding standard mod files 7 years ago