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  1. #Enable pipes.
  2. pipeworks_enable_pipes (Enable Pipes) bool true
  3. #Enable autocrafter.
  4. pipeworks_enable_autocrafter (Enable Autocrafter) bool true
  5. #Enable deployer.
  6. pipeworks_enable_deployer (Enable Deployer) bool true
  7. #Enable dispenser.
  8. pipeworks_enable_dispenser (Enable Dispenser) bool true
  9. #Enable node breaker.
  10. pipeworks_enable_node_breaker (Enable Node Breaker) bool true
  11. #Enable teleport tube.
  12. pipeworks_enable_teleport_tube (Enable Teleport Tube) bool true
  13. #Enable pipe devices.
  14. pipeworks_enable_pipe_devices (Enable Pipe Devices) bool true
  15. #Enable redefines.
  16. pipeworks_enable_redefines (Enable Node Redefines) bool true
  17. #Enable sorting tube.
  18. pipeworks_enable_mese_tube (Enable Sorting Tube) bool true
  19. #Enable detector tube.
  20. pipeworks_enable_detector_tube (Enable Detector Tube) bool true
  21. #Enable digiline detector tube.
  22. pipeworks_enable_digiline_detector_tube (Enable Digiline Detector Tube) bool true
  23. #Enable mesecon signal conducting tube.
  24. pipeworks_enable_conductor_tube (Enable Conductor Tube) bool true
  25. #Enable digiline signal conducting tube.
  26. pipeworks_enable_digiline_conductor_tube (Enable Digiline Conductor Tube) bool true
  27. #Enable accelerator tube.
  28. pipeworks_enable_accelerator_tube (Enable Accelerator Tube) bool true
  29. #Enable crossing tube.
  30. #It sends all incoming items to the other side, or if there is no other tube, it sends them back.
  31. pipeworks_enable_crossing_tube (Enable Crossing Tube) bool true
  32. #Enable vacuum tube.
  33. #It picks up all items that lay around next to it.
  34. pipeworks_enable_sand_tube (Enable Vacuum Tube) bool true
  35. #Enable mese vacuum tube.
  36. #It's like the normal vacuum tube with the
  37. #differance that you can set the radius up to 8 nodes.
  38. pipeworks_enable_mese_sand_tube (Enable Mese Vacuum Tube) bool true
  39. #Enable one way tube.
  40. #It sends items only in one direction.
  41. #Use it to drop items out of tubes.
  42. pipeworks_enable_one_way_tube (Enable One Way Tube) bool true
  43. #Enable high priority tube.
  44. #It has a very high priority and so, on crossings, the items will
  45. #always go to it if there are multible ways.
  46. pipeworks_enable_priority_tube (Enable High Priority Tube) bool true
  47. #Enable lua controlled tube.
  48. #It is comparable with mesecons luacontroller.
  49. pipeworks_enable_lua_tube (Enable Lua controlled Tube) bool true
  50. #Enable cyclic mode.
  51. pipeworks_enable_cyclic_mode (Enable Cyclic Mode) bool true
  52. #Drop on routing fail.
  53. pipeworks_drop_on_routing_fail (Drop On Routing Fail) bool false
  54. #Delete item on clearobject.
  55. pipeworks_delete_item_on_clearobject (Delete Item On Clearobject) bool true