364 Commits (master)

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  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 7ef62f4f8b Strip newline in item description 2 weeks ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero f075e67be9 Notify outdated client on joinplayer 2 weeks ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero cd17b8d38e Show HUD success only in singleplayer mode 3 weeks ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 46cb7615bf Fix some crashes 3 weeks ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 679e005f58 Fix item positioning for large recipes 1 month ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero bf28a48c40 Code cleaning 1 month ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero bd5c5fcd16 Update locales 1 month ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 095e45197e Change background color to be more Discord-like 1 month ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 13252049c2 Decolorize msg() 1 month ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 87177d0d7f More safeguard 1 month ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 109965175d Fix crash 1 month ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 4ff200dfd9 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/minetest-mods/craftguide 1 month ago
  Wuzzy2 3baab53b84 Update German translations 1 month ago
  Hamlet 8a4fbd0933
Italian localization update (#107) 1 month ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 5560374801 Add missing tree group 1 month ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 5e23600001 Wording 1 month ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero f39ca50f3b Complete french translations 1 month ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 450797e148 Do not size main panel depending on ROWS 1 month ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 6d994fc8d5 Add an option to disable the auto-cache 1 month ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 1910b4b345 Style 1 month ago
  pauloue 4823a9dd62 Add prettier group names in tooltip 1 month ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 689840d6f5 Remove progress bar because of too much issues 1 month ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 3f34d275c1 Fix crash when another mod outputs on terminal 1 month ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 8c7408f66f Style 1 month ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 4483f60cbc Fix icon not showing 1 month ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 79693f5c88 Update screenshot 1 month ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero b8c491a489 Remove useless textures 1 month ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 34231e01df Minetest 5.2+ required to use craftguide 1 month ago
  R3R3R3 2d6951cd0c Config value for disabling the cache load progress bar (#101) 2 months ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero df21df2bce Add icon when no recipes 2 months ago
  orbea 5669bcdcb7
Add attached_node and choppy to craftguide:sign. (#100) 2 months ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 3ad05328bf New sign texture 2 months ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 7793019357 Adapt to new engine API 2 months ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero a97c0b96b3 Fix crash 3 months ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 63769603c4 Improve loading bar 3 months ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 189a3ff971 Rollback changes in srarch() 3 months ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero ca723202d6 Improve search look 3 months ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero a3e7031c04 Add animated images 3 months ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 5fc7e7c087 Style 3 months ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero aa61333ee3 Fix 3 months ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero e2cdfc28b0 Fix 3 months ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero aa9f7d6da3 Fix crash in sfinv mode 3 months ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero d87c64618c Don't show chances to drop for usages 4 months ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 3455257df5 Code cleaning 4 months ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 251a8b1bc9 Show fav icon only once 4 months ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 4dd40e06f5 New favorite icons 4 months ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero f9f9988868 Fix crash in progressive mode 4 months ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero dcb479dc44 Fix color in HUD 4 months ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 82bb95387e style 4 months ago
  Jean-Patrick Guerrero 8626584dbd Check formspec_version instead of CORE_VERSION 4 months ago