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  IFRFSX 26e0e41593
Improve traditional Chinese zh_TW (#143) 4 days ago
  IFRFSX a89245c41b
Add traditional Chinese translation (#142) 2 weeks ago
  IFRFSX f5c982cc85 Add Chinese Translation (#141) 1 month ago
  Hamlet 05f7430216 Add Italian l10n (#140) 2 months ago
  Andrey Kozlovskiy ca6d9a10df Implement new crafting algorithm (#132) 3 months ago
  Wuzzy 4a1414bacc Convert *.po files to *.tr files 5 months ago
  Wuzzy 8e74a80e91 Translation: Fix parameter symbols 5 months ago
  Wuzzy 5327261718 Move to MT 5.0.0 translation system 5 months ago
  SmallJoker 04b1cb9e7d Fix error on invalid item_button_ fields 6 months ago
  SmallJoker 774674d0f5 README: Add features and link to mod contents 8 months ago
  Panquesito7 4403b696be Replace deprecated functions with newer ones (#131) 8 months ago
  MoNTE48 a70ffb1509 Compress textures (-61 KB!) 8 months ago
  Scott Horvath 86d2a11643 Allow all players to view items regardless of 'creative' priv 1 year ago
  Emiel van Rooijen 16babc54f3 Add no_prepend[] by default 10 months ago
  SmallJoker 4d5e883629 Add mod_api.txt documentation 10 months ago
  SmallJoker b871ccfc41 Use table.concat to build formspecs, style cleanups 10 months ago
  SmallJoker e9b4b52dc1 Biggest stacks first, smallest as late as possible 11 months ago
  SmallJoker bcb96d6caf Improve craftguide_craft() speed: Move stacks 11 months ago
  SmallJoker 850ee9cbc0 Improve callback execution, add giveme guards 1 year ago
  SmallJoker 54abad72f0 Add item tooltips with mod name 1 year ago
  SmallJoker 77c3de08ce Fix crash caused by bag swapping 1 year ago
  Vanessa Dannenberg 5cff869c27 Merge branch 'master' into 'master' 1 year ago
  Muhammad Nur Hidayat Yasuyoshi (MNH48.com) 79e4a49c6b Add Malay translation 1 year ago
  Vanessa Dannenberg 9ffe40d210 Refactor translations for intllib 1 year ago
  codexp 3988f4c572 Merge origin/master to refactor-translation branch (resolving conflicts) 1 year ago
  SmallJoker edd00f222c Replace deprecated function names, unify creative check 1 year ago
  SmallJoker c43074f5c2
Move bag storage to player attributes 1 year ago
  codexp 934757edd6 FIX: do not translate direction 1 year ago
  codexp ab20e43468 convert Turkish locale to po format 1 year ago
  codexp 1a52f33756 convert Portuguese locale to po format 1 year ago
  codexp 87ae46b6d8 convert Polish locale to po format 1 year ago
  codexp 827e544c58 convert French locale to po format 1 year ago
  codexp 0288d558e9 convert Spanish locale to po format 1 year ago
  codexp 2159dd5a4a convert German locale to po format 1 year ago
  codexp 72ca872002 convert Russian locale to po format 1 year ago
  codexp 06f6d45891 generate template.pot with intllib tool 1 year ago
  codexp c1ab7277ab refactor code to use with intllib tool 1 year ago
  shivajiva101 2ab5a7c90a fix excessive privilege check 2 years ago
  SmallJoker 86c73a4752 Item_names: Refactorize & use meta description 2 years ago
  Ekdohibs 4010953888 Fix unclear licenses for the images. 2 years ago
  Ekdohibs 4df1aa7492 Change texture licenses to CC-BY-4.0 2 years ago
  Vanessa Ezekowitz fc36b3ff3b Merge pull request #95 from Thomas--S/patch-1 2 years ago
  Thomas--S f23f0733a6 Add forgotten backtick 2 years ago
  Diego Martínez 8073df0134 bags: Add buttons to quickly switch bags in sub-form. 2 years ago
  Diego Martínez 0764000d99 Portuguese translation. 2 years ago
  Vanessa Ezekowitz cff06ab167 Merge pull request #91 from ForbiddenJ/master 3 years ago
  ForbiddenJ 7ab8825460 Make trash configurable but preserve default functionality 3 years ago
  Vanessa Ezekowitz e8529e7742 Merge pull request #90 from Wuzzy2/not_in_craft_guide 3 years ago
  Wuzzy 3209033051 Replace exclude_from_craft_guide with not_in_craft_guide 3 years ago
  Diego Martínez 2ea417fad0 Search when ENTER is pressed on the search field. 3 years ago