1412 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  An0n3m0us 8d9aa07752
Sort loot registration into respective mods (#2602) 2 days ago
  Andrey2470T 34b410319e
Increase speed of flowing water/river water animations 1 week ago
  An0n3m0us 3ea648f5bf
Disallow screwdriver rotating torches, to avoid bad torch rotations 2 weeks ago
  An0n3m0us 232cc2bd1c
Add log for seeds on place 2 weeks ago
  Paramat db632b67bf
Fix missing papyrus in savanna, add a dry dirt version 2 weeks ago
  Louis Royer 1420376e32
Fix french translation of snow block slab 2 weeks ago
  Paramat 9bf64b61c2
Fix simple bed height, make player lay down just above it, not inside it 2 weeks ago
  IFRFSX f255e36d78
Add traditional Chinese translation (#2579) 2 weeks ago
  sfan5 d3e26dba18 Convert minetest.sound_play uses to ephemeral 1 month ago
  DS 176ddba176 Reset spawn position on bed destruction 4 weeks ago
  IFRFSX eac4795326 Update Chinese translation (#2563) 1 month ago
  Zaoqi da39bae50e Add zh_CN translation 1 month ago
  Konstantin Ilyashenko 7e9a54abaf Replace Russian translation of Pickaxe (#2556) 1 month ago
  Lejo beb0aefa2d Make can_interact_with_node() check for key group instead of default:key 1 month ago
  Thomas--S 1940961d63 Move duplicate recipe from books to default.register_craft_metadata_copy() 1 month ago
  An0n3m0us 6e32287a42 Move crafting, cooking and fuel recipes into corresponding files 1 month ago
  Zaoqi 1082466796 Rename `core` to `minetest` (#2552) 1 month ago
  An0n3m0us 258332578a Player model: Add bobbing to walk animation, more subtle standing animation 2 months ago
  Paramat 150122bfe7
Remove Mapgen V7 floatland biome code 2 months ago
  Paramat d04b709181
Add missing 'weather' mod documentation to minetest.conf.example 2 months ago
  Paramat c0335e24c9
Convert grass footstep sounds from stereo to mono 2 months ago
  Maksim f176ba4873 Make tool crafting recipes more compact, move to tools.lua 2 months ago
  Paramat 5b21d1de34
README: Use correct link, make link clickable 2 months ago
  Muhammad Nur Hidayat Yasuyoshi (MNH48) 710605687b Add Malay translation 2 months ago
  Aresiel 10dce79451 Add Swedish translation 2 months ago
  OgelGames 0f764bf447 Coral 'on place': Pass node to 'on rightclick', not node name 2 months ago
  Kevin Nel 00a8bd521a Fix popping sound in default_grass_footstep (#2538) 3 months ago
  Andrey2470T 2f6d0bf267 Add 4th item row to creative inventory. Align search, trash, page navigation 3 months ago
  An0n3m0us d9f8c6cc43 Escape translated text in 'beds' mod formspec 3 months ago
  Paramat 5b1875ef41
Papyrus: Add to the rainforest swamp biome 3 months ago
  SmallJoker 5017f3b614 Weather: Replace deprecated get2d with get_2d 3 months ago
  Andrey2470T 6fea665fcc Add Russian translation (#2525) 4 months ago
  Bartosz dd71dcbcf6 boats: Improve physics by implementing drag and friction forces 4 months ago
  sfan5 f9a9e87af6
Improve creative inventory search (#2523) 4 months ago
  Paramat 7caa5d36f2
Move hotbar code/textures, and damage sound, from player_api to default 4 months ago
  Paramat 7c1fd9c24e
Add initial 'weather' mod to vary cloud density, thickness, velocity 4 months ago
  luk3yx ef7df329d2 Fix duplicate background in formspec prepend (#2524) 4 months ago
  Lars Hofhansl 6042e963f7 Increase (ocean) water opacity to 191 4 months ago
  Hamlet 93a49f082c Italian translation (#2491) 4 months ago
  JDiaz a00ff24df9 Spanish Translation (#2505) 4 months ago
  DrHackberry 0f369b43fe French translation (#2514) 4 months ago
  sfan5 f87c3d05ae player_api: Set correct visual size for legacy player model 4 months ago
  SmallJoker 1c413ede9a Use background9 for backwards compatibility 4 months ago
  Wuzzy 8c9821b227 Update translation templates and German (#2512) 4 months ago
  SnicklePickles ce1eaeebbe Grammar updates README.txt 4 months ago
  TumeniNodes f2a07b0a51 Xpanes: Add new steel bar door/trapdoor sounds 4 months ago
  Alex Yst c800398593 Always disable leafdecay for player-placed leaves, even when 'sneaking' 4 months ago
  An0n3m0us 05375c0fd4 Fix glass panes sides (#2500) 5 months ago
  TumeniNodes 23ceb30e88 Xpanes: Register steel bar door and steel bar trapdoor 5 months ago
  Wuzzy 106c36da33 Add translation templates and German translation 5 months ago