1466 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  tuedel 4858c2b3fb
sethome: Replace deprecated function calls (#2724) 1 week ago
  An0n3m0us 12f75ab803
Add correct front texture to cart texture (#2720) 1 week ago
  sfan5 e193f9fda3
Add lava environment sound (#2683) 2 weeks ago
  Muhammad Rifqi Priyo Susanto 8c01a5b288
Add Indonesian translations (#2693) 1 month ago
  tenplus1 7cac67f097
TNT centre node adheres to protection 1 month ago
  Wuzzy 0648252056
Update German translation 1 month ago
  updatepo.sh 8855490b7f Update translation templates 1 month ago
  JDiaz 3257780b32
farming: Update Spanish translation (#2701) 1 month ago
  Paramat b2d0f0ac8d
Update nodes papyrus can grow on, include default:dry_dirt (#2705) 1 month ago
  Paramat e8a7e75319
Make dry grass spread on default:dirt again (#2687) 1 month ago
  Hooded Ice d03d7e9bdc
Change brake rail to red (#2692) 1 month ago
  sfan5 af045dcd8b sethome: Do not write empty homes file 1 month ago
  sfan5 6d2a897e1b
creative: Update for compatibility with minetest.creative_is_enabled (#2691) 2 months ago
  sfan5 b1ab8d5123
Implement searching for translated names in creative inventory (#2675) 2 months ago
  sfan5 6e345cf136
Use node particles for TNT explosions (#2695) 2 months ago
  sfan5 e849d54572
carts: Fix item collection (#2689) 2 months ago
  An0n3m0us 0662f96284
Reduce hud icons size to 12x12 pixels (#2669) 2 months ago
  sfan5 84da00acd4
Add node particles when leafdecay removes a node (#2686) 2 months ago
  SmallJoker 3452938c76 Carts: Re-add erroneously removed driver reset 2 months ago
  SmallJoker b787fcf7e4 Carts: Reset player view and attachment table on death 2 months ago
  Paramat e5a7af1c4a
Add wild cotton plant in savanna as a source of cotton seeds (#2617) 2 months ago
  sfan5 b3d91a487d
Add new dry shrub texture by Extex101 (#2680) 2 months ago
  Hamlet 16c950f688
doors: Update Italian translation (#2670) 2 months ago
  sfan5 e5b54c6ead
Switch TNT explosions to use add_player_velocity (#2674) 2 months ago
  Yaman Qalieh 3f42c6c243
Add oddly_breakable_by_hand to glass stairs and slabs 2 months ago
  sfan5 ef45a8e148
doors: Remove unnecessary nodebox and empty texture (#2662) 3 months ago
  Zughy d88e551071
Fix cart inventory image rendering (#2666) 3 months ago
  HybridDog 190f7fdac9
Add a missing article to the sign action message (#2651) 3 months ago
  sfan5 33eb7cee2a
Fix flammable item entities crashing (#2659) 3 months ago
  An0n3m0us 189d2d9fb1
Fix door model UV for open and close (#2372) 3 months ago
  David Leal 81c5b6b399
beds: Use `player_api` functions instead of `default` (#2654) 3 months ago
  Paramat 52c6921cb2
Make default:snow collisionbox half of nodebox height (#2647) 3 months ago
  sfan5 bd64188ee5 Override builtin item entity the portable way 3 months ago
  bell07 fb18a5b20d
Make default.chest.register_chest() usable for other mods (#2127) 3 months ago
  Paul Ouellette ea4ce80f7c
Make straw stairs usable as fuel (#2627) 3 months ago
  IFRFSX 36b2bcb5f3
Add Basic Fire Description (#2568) 3 months ago
  orbea 695f98f213
player_api: Remove local variable (#2640) 4 months ago
  sfan5 545ec0741c Fix creative category sorting in certain cases 4 months ago
  sfan5 c1f41720fc Fix crash on TNT explosions if tnt is disabled 4 months ago
  orbea 14a385d68c
trees: Reduce local variables (#2637) 4 months ago
  Maksim 03c9aed221
Fire mod: Code cleanup, compress textures 4 months ago
  Paramat 720b24ed2d
Weather mod: Tune cloud density variation 4 months ago
  Paramat 4243d28846
Clarify descriptions of dry grass, dry dirt 4 months ago
  Maksim 7d230fdbf8
Enable player animation when Right Click (#2622) 4 months ago
  An0n3m0us 7fc7fa4843
Transform brick top texture to align bricks correctly (#2607) 4 months ago
  An0n3m0us 05fad37b3c
Sort items into correct categories (#2612) 4 months ago
  sfan5 8863527bb6 Fix respawn not working at all when suitable position was not found 4 months ago
  sfan5 fbbc7fc996 player_api: Prevent knockback when player is set as attached 4 months ago
  TumeniNodes b9dc758fef
xpanes: fix code style (#2618) 4 months ago
  TumeniNodes 8b3b92dfdf
xpanes: remove unused textures (#2614) 5 months ago