1529 Commits (master)

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Lars Müller 5273fcb3ad
Readd character.b3d normals (#2902) 2 days ago
ptah-alexs f2bc5e2c67
Improve Russian translation (#2532) 2 days ago
sfan5 4b8b33587c Fix misuse of nodedef custom fields in fence gates 3 weeks ago
雷哲翰 953fcfe09e
Improve zh_CN translation (#2885) 1 month ago
orbea 21e5f68292
default: Improves reading and writing to books. (#2656) 1 month ago
David Leal 92701885d0
Replace Travis CI with GitHub actions (#2661) 3 months ago
Jordan Irwin c96cc55c40
Fix incorrect documentation of "default_coal_lump.png" 4 months ago
sfence 70500943f3
Fix problem with sharing table in door nodes Lua definitions 4 months ago
Paramat ddebdeccb1
Add open/close sound gains to the Doors API, balance sound levels (#2768) 5 months ago
SmallJoker 71ea0c65ea
Attachments: Proper data cleanup in callbacks (#2865) 5 months ago
tenplus1 642fde44f1
Use group for mushroom spread ABM (#2863) 5 months ago
An0n3m0us 1c78666c56 Reclassify some items 7 months ago
ElCeejo 8158926862
Check for attachments before attaching player to bed (#2862) 5 months ago
SmallJoker 4945f4bf9a Carts: Fix 0/0 condition on faulty tool capabilities 6 months ago
sfan5 79e63a8496
Check for required engine features on startup 6 months ago
SmallJoker c6171a8f29
Add Esperanto translation (#2739) 6 months ago
An0n3m0us 42baede13f
Add specific groups to different types of grass (#2852) 7 months ago
An0n3m0us 0a90bd8a0e
Fix wield image for coral and kelp nodes (#2850) 7 months ago
Paul Ouellette 34bb232052 mtg_craftguide: Fix incorrect item tooltips 8 months ago
Wuzzy 2c9733ac45
Add Lojban translation (#2835) 8 months ago
Ronoaldo Pereira b6377a7c0e
Added Brazilian Portuguese translation (#2834) 8 months ago
Nathaniel Freeman 73ea8e2e91
Update Spanish translation (#2824) 8 months ago
Wuzzy 46136bbf19
Update German translation (#2821) 8 months ago
ExeVirus 6bd059915c
Safe texture compression (#2808) 8 months ago
Lars Müller 624dafc12b
Fix crash on exit of bed formspec if not sleeping (#2826) 8 months ago
An0n3m0us 3d95fceee8
Smoothen lava sounds at loop points (#2820) 8 months ago
sfan5 aa9cc39317 Update game APIs for use_texture_alpha deprecation 8 months ago
sfan5 08b13c9efb Fix deprecated alpha / use_texture_alpha use 8 months ago
SmallJoker c1b236b4e3 weather: Fix error caused by missing biomes 1 year ago
Wuzzy 9d419bfac6
Update translation templates 8 months ago
Lars Müller 6a9cbcad82
Beds: Preserve player physics (#2789) 9 months ago
sfan5 ecfebe3c17 Revert "Correct door model dimensions (#2804)" 9 months ago
An0n3m0us 3fdd5cdb5f
Correct door model dimensions (#2804) 9 months ago
An0n3m0us e1e793d4da
Correct name of acacia mese postlight (#2800) 9 months ago
An0n3m0us b648af479f
default: Add missing nodes to list (#2799) 9 months ago
Montandalar 87f6b941c4
Do not crash when a skeleton key is used on an unknown node (#2806) 9 months ago
The most random of all meshes 1ade8941b4
Fix boat floating in the air when water being drained away (#2788) 10 months ago
Maksim e6aec880de
Use Minetest 5.3 'minetest.is_creative_enabled' API (#2795) 10 months ago
Richard Try 9c29019301
Improve Russian translation (carts) (#2794) 10 months ago
IFRFSX a1a50673c8
Update zh_CN translation for mtg_craftguide and dye (#2796) 10 months ago
Rafsanjani Atallah 0232288d5e
Fix some mistakes in the Indonesian translations (#2758) 10 months ago
auouymous 7ae983b669
Don't replace protected liquids with bones (#2790) 10 months ago
The most random of all meshes 29866dbcb3
Fix minor bug in german translation 11 months ago
An0n3m0us 2e7b509a94
Move player model sitting and laying positions to above the ground (#2746) 11 months ago
DS 226e2d4c12
Add missing not_in_creative_inventory group where appropriate (#2764) 11 months ago
CyberDonk3y 0a950c9932
Improve Russian translation (#2761) 12 months ago
Daretmavi 2953bf2bd6
Slovak translations (#2772) 12 months ago
SmallJoker 331bbae058
Fix deprecated get_player_velocity and set_physics_override calls (#2770) 12 months ago
Paramat 720d4c8e3f
Do not apply waving shader to bush leaves (#2753) 1 year ago
Wuzzy 6605724fe1
Add icons for invisible nodes (#2718) 1 year ago