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Paramat d04b709181
Add missing 'weather' mod documentation to minetest.conf.example 2 years ago
mbartlett21 c42a525ce8 Add option for non-jumpable fences and walls 2 years ago
Paramat ea992bdace
Add initial environmental sounds mod with flowing water sounds 2 years ago
Paramat bcf76eab1d
Settings: Add missing settings to settingtypes.txt 3 years ago
Jacob Gustafson e376d57bd2 Add optional bones messages for player and log 3 years ago
Paramat 0b025e6392
Add 'spawn' mod to spawn new players in suitable starting biomes (#2091) 4 years ago
Ezhh 08706313f4 Add option to disable lavacooling (#1726) 5 years ago
paramat fed2151d70 Fire: Rewrite fire sound code 5 years ago
paramat cabf80b743 Fire: Use 'enable fire' setting instead of 'disable fire' 5 years ago
tenplus1 2df7ce20dd Bones: Ability to change bones mode. Tidy up code 6 years ago
rubenwardy acafe5ca86 Add give_initial_items API 6 years ago
red-001 3a98245f62 Document `share_bones_time_early` 6 years ago
paramat 6f6d46ddfc Fire: Add 'permanent flame' node 6 years ago
paramat 8e51f318b3 Rename to Minetest Game 6 years ago
LeMagnesium 279b85fc45 Add option to disable bed's night skip - Solve second point of #512 by adding a setting, `enable_bed_night_skip` , with default value of `true`. 7 years ago
paramat 450543f782 Stairs: Add straw and metal blocks 6 years ago
PilzAdam 954d64afdc Add a minetest.conf.example with all available settings 7 years ago