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HybridDog c4a8ed4cd3 depends.txt -> mod.conf 3 months ago
HybridDog 0f81edd278 Remove unused code and file, and add a .luacheckrc 1 year ago
HybridDog 4f85670e78 Simplify the flow code and allow diagonal directions 1 year ago
HybridDog 66c222e93b Fix liquid flowing down ledges 1 year ago
HybridDog 5636a2bb94 Remove item burn code 1 year ago
HybridDog 89f02386bc Simplify the code and change behaviour a bit 1 year ago
HybridDog 14f985a62b General code cleanup 1 year ago
HybridDog ff43812fcf Change the license 1 year ago
HybridDog c475185ea4 Replace some deprecated function calls 1 year ago
HybridDog e6dfd9dce8 Support Minetest 5.3.0-dev 2 years ago
HybridDog aa1b3a7142 Remove old README 2 years ago
HybridDog 1c7473dc54 Use new underscore in set_acceleration and set_velocity 3 years ago
Hybrid Dog 143ab1f8dd Use new settings interface 5 years ago
Hybrid Dog 2cea32d4d7 5 years ago
HybridDog 19c8b65f67 🐈 5 years ago
HybridDog bb90a38c2e 🐈 6 years ago
HybridDog bd97071dc6 🐈 6 years ago
HybridDog 72f75d0417 🐈 6 years ago
HybridDog 08935daaf4 🐈 7 years ago
HybridDog f43e39bbdf add smoke 7 years ago
TomasJLuis 3ba5c899cb Update init.lua 7 years ago
HybridDog c41e61e346 always search nodes if lots of objects are pushed by water 8 years ago
HybridDog f6629da1ba use get_node more selden 8 years ago
HybridDog 06cfcc90fe use get_node more selden 8 years ago
HybridDog 13aecb026d add gitignore 8 years ago
HybridDog 50176917f9 · 8 years ago
HybridDog 64e2561c60 dont override the whole item 8 years ago
PilzAdam 64626b15c8 Fix a string not being converted into a number 8 years ago
PilzAdam 7c7d3e2292 Merge pull request #1 from Zeg9/master 9 years ago
Zeg9 7c071a45f5 Update to the "take items only if inventory is not full" behavior 9 years ago
PilzAdam 913540214c Log mod load if log_mod is set to true 9 years ago
PilzAdam 60b15341fa Bugfix in pushing items of water 9 years ago
PilzAdam c9ef93e758 Make the item in flowing water slower 9 years ago
PilzAdam 84bc111f0c Play sound at the location of the destroyed item 9 years ago
PilzAdam c63bbb0b88 Update README 9 years ago
PilzAdam 1fc381cef6 The item removing can be disabled if the item_remove setting in minetest.conf is 0 9 years ago
PilzAdam 3968be9270 Improvement of flowing code 9 years ago
PilzAdam a0c49e7677 Bugfix 9 years ago
PilzAdam 8caffae1e3 Add README 9 years ago
PilzAdam 7bf79751f5 First commit 9 years ago