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  tenplus1 a1752b270a mint seeds shouldn't be edible :P 3 days ago
  tenplus1 f6a61994e4 added mint and mint tea (thanks Darkstalker) 4 days ago
  TenPlus1 ca0876c6d8 onion soup added thanks to edcrypt 2 weeks ago
  TenPlus1 0e42a72120 whoops, added 5.0 check for dry dirt 1 month ago
  TenPlus1 42404da9bb used soil wet/dry/base features of default, added dry_soil 1 month ago
  TenPlus1 eb0255f026 update readme 1 month ago
  TenPlus1 e3f705a804 update translations, description changes 1 month ago
  TenPlus1 e6aa8f9997 Fix a few descriptions 1 month ago
  TenPlus1 f95a141210 make pumpkin and melon easier to dig with their respective tools 1 month ago
  TenPlus1 68332f2706 added farming_stage_lengh setting to determine speed of crop growth 1 month ago
  TenPlus1 17359d50af fix pumpkin drop with scythe 1 month ago
  tenplus1 0a3b4466c0 add compatibility for new dry_soil nodes 2 months ago
  TenPlus1 a1d3e41b1f Can only hoe top of soil (thanks HybridDog for this idea), breaking sound added to hoe 2 months ago
  TenPlus1 02d10c376e added seed=2 group to plantable food items 6 months ago
  TenPlus1 cc0fc2c763 scythe works on use instead of right click (thanks OgelGames) 6 months ago
  TenPlus1 df1cee3b6e code tidy 7 months ago
  TenPlus1 d780097a48 add some nil checks for itemstack when right clicking on_rightclick nodes 8 months ago
  TenPlus1 faed117a6d code tidy ' to " 10 months ago
  TenPlus1 d5dab7938a add nil check for itemstack when placing and taking seed from inventory 10 months ago
  TenPlus1 4465c49a19 fix crafting bug 11 months ago
  TenPlus1 1c0a1bab8e slightly increase spawn rate of chili and hemp 11 months ago
  TenPlus1 f187396d25 add chocolate block 11 months ago
  TenPlus1 c770314dda add hoe group to hoes 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 5decae8261 remove duplicate line 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 d67b466506 changed ipairs to pairs to cover all crops 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 bacc98d0a9 fix water check for soil (3 horizontal, 1 below) 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 6d5e74e30c default minlight for crop growth is now 12 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 7c22eea12c changed water checks, jackolantern protection added 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 4ad40a0ecb added named license for farming_barley.png 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 aeb6b82fe6 update .conf example 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 561d0d01a1 add spawn rate for each crop in settings 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 1c8dfd0cba updated readme 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 b860998589 Added moreores silver and mithril hoe's with toolrank support 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 15087a7352 add player to any callbacks when using mithril scythe 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 ee993f9d61 1 in 3 chance of raw potato being poisonous 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 a7694d26c7 fix bug in scythe callbacks, thanks BuckarooBanzay 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 feab0cc9ca add farming.add_to_scythe_not_drops(item) function for expansion 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 99a729e488 fix scythe harvest of beanpoles and grapes 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 58c236532d added mithril scythe as special item 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 a6fe98b5c1 license updates 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 5a5c896f5a add vessel group 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 0d3faf53e7 added multigrain flour and bread 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 f872075d99 tweaked grains growing vars 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 bedade8755 fix seed changes when digging grass, force start timer on seed place 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 f908ccf660 add jaffa cake 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 44a2388887 updated seed chest lucky box 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 a4350abba1 added new oatmeal recipe 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 d2f598a1cc update readme and version 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 9253d08cd4 added oats, rye and rice thanks to ademants grains mod 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 fec763e8ee blueberry pie recipe now returns baking tray 1 year ago