64 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
paramat 9ed70192aa Use data buffer memory optimisation. Correct noise buffer memory optimisation. Change source code license to LGPL. Improve license docs 6 years ago
paramat c65ce34226 Move spawnplayer function to init.lua. 'set lighting = 0' if not in singlenode mode 7 years ago
paramat 2c41bf50d4 Noise buffer memory optimisation. Remove inventorycube. Remove 'hot' group from lava. Add floodable to cloud/fog. Code cleanup 7 years ago
paramat 7ecd043206 Re-add z=1 for 2D perlinmap size to fix crashes 8 years ago
paramat c9a2401fd4 flags='nolight' replaces set_lighting. add paramtype='light' to light sources. remove dummy luxore and light spread ABM 8 years ago
paramat 6b675f18fd Correct /regen chat command privs format, fixes warnings of undeclared variables 8 years ago
paramat 59c558d193 2D Noise parameter's spread.z does not need to be 1, return to 3 identical numbers 8 years ago
paramat a5e58a4e7c Update spawnplayer function 8 years ago
paramat a2de0ee125 Fix 'over 60 upvalues' 8 years ago
paramat 2d786b8318 Set 2d noise spread z = 1, chulensxz z = 1. Create noise objects once on first mapchunk generation 8 years ago
paramat 7f28c5b849 Update liquids for river flow. Liquid range 2. Double biome size. More volcanos. Regeneration by chat command 9 years ago
Mat c0802ab89b Faster mapgen: use voxelmanip for ungen check and scanning chunk below. Use sidelen not 80 9 years ago
Mat 0a51271786 Register acacia/pine wood stairs and slabs 9 years ago
Mat fe1e55fb17 Added sapling textures 9 years ago
Mat fe89e76758 All 4 saplngs, grown by LVM. nodeupdate(pos) to spread luxore light. Wider ore seams 9 years ago
paramat cc4e445d5b No luxore abm. Terblen exponent returns. Bugfix: enable xlscale. Grass, flowers return to forest, grassland 9 years ago
paramat b804a06c64 Bugfix spawn player function 9 years ago
paramat 37bc4d25b2 New rivergen tuned. Independant vertical ore scale 9 years ago
paramat a871585a5e Less grasses, shrubs. Stone waterseal around streams. Fog in humod valleys 9 years ago
paramat e3d448a3ec New river generation from riverdev mod 9 years ago
paramat dfb5a5660f Remove unnecessary smooth 3D noises. Squash 3D noise vertical scales. Flatter lowlands 9 years ago
paramat 123ab76e4f Craft 8 lights at once. Mid colour blend water. Flatter lowlands: terblen exponent, vary canexp, canamp. Grassy sides on mod grass 9 years ago
paramat c6acea60cb Y = 47 bugfix: add snowblocks in chunk above during overgen 9 years ago
paramat 410f1b39d1 Snowy berg if humid. Harmonic noise returns. Flatter lowlands. New node icydirt: tundra surface 9 years ago
paramat ba596b269f Bugfix spawn function. 2 iron ore layers per 512n 9 years ago
paramat d2d8c88571 Terrain, biome noises tuned. More floatlands. Bugfix: set under table to 0 9 years ago
paramat aab16376e6 Icesheet/bergs with fissures, snowblocks. Bugix: initialise under table 9 years ago
paramat 9e4bc49b28 Acacia and pine wood. Varying sandline, dunes, dune grass. Lavacooling abm. New appletree 9 years ago
paramat 903acd2ae0 acaciatree, pinetree nodes. bugix spawn function. biome blend 9 years ago
paramat b1f138c74c Thicker redstone, ice thickens with cold, papyrus on riverbanks not beaches 9 years ago
paramat e3d4a03b96 Remove faults/cliffs and 2 noises, fresh ice in tundra 9 years ago
paramat 241379f792 Voxelmanip lighting bugfix 9 years ago
paramat 5470dd045d Quadrupled coal seams. wider seams. lux ore as a seam. no jungletree roots. modulate cliffs with strata noise 9 years ago
paramat eaffef96a5 Cook redcobble to desert stone, luxore in fissures, luxcrystals, lights, more ores 9 years ago
paramat 5341ddfcf9 Fresh ice, red cobble, redo clouds with existing noises 9 years ago
paramat b463ff7aa5 Less obsidian mess 9 years ago
paramat 00453be530 Volcanos/lava level tuned, retune arctan grad, mod clouds return at y=256, no dark clouds 9 years ago
paramat cb732b1577 Tune volcanos, lava flows again, no flagmask 0.4.9dev compatible 9 years ago
paramat 47c8204d4a Rivers continuous over faults, new appletree, remove lavacooling abms, tune volcanos 9 years ago
paramat 5ea4bd4918 Volcano taper wall, deeper rivers, more river sand 9 years ago
paramat 6a49a77032 Obsidian volcanos, stacked realm/singlenode options, bugfixes 9 years ago
paramat d5097935cf Add snowy plains biome to make grid of 9 biomes 9 years ago
paramat e7295638ed Singlenode realm, water y = 1, auto spawn on low land, acacialeaf 9 years ago
paramat db9094fbe8 Turquoise freshwater. Magma rising under ridges. Lavacooling 9 years ago
paramat 1049f85e88 Register buckets. remove leafdecay, grass function. watershed:appleaf. tune temp/humid params 9 years ago
paramat 0314e6f2ed Magma rising at ridges, lavacooling, new pinetrees 9 years ago
paramat 35e3ac6b47 Bugfix missing tundra surface 9 years ago
paramat 72c1fab95d Perlinmap overgen plus 'get node' scanning, lower sea level, remove soil table 9 years ago
paramat 608332334f Fix/more sandstone strata, testing new mapgen params 9 years ago
paramat 6c11296eba Fix water tiles, new jungletrees, set continent parameters 9 years ago