53 Commits (master)

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  sys4 b3773c0470 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 1 week ago
  auouymous 899d246832 Fix sprinting for players with the fast and fly privileges. 2 weeks ago
  sys4 afd3680984 Ajoute message de chargement au démarrage. 3 months ago
  orbea c3e00a68ba Fix typo. 5 months ago
  orbea 7d08d859b1 Only drain stamina when moving. 5 months ago
  orbea b5867bdaa1 Increase stamina heal rate when standing and not taking any actions. 5 months ago
  orbea 7dd27f01dd Don't replenish stamina when jumping. 5 months ago
  orbea 5be91db7bc Add sprint_stamina_heal. 5 months ago
  tuedel 19b4e25017 Fix typo in autohide setting, default to true again 11 months ago
  sfan5 49ff1d033f update README 11 months ago
  sfan5 84a2243d12 more improvements 11 months ago
  sfan5 49305c18d3 refactor 11 months ago
  sfan5 0893fd8bec move some vars out of metadata 11 months ago
  sfan5 ef07773f1d re-do settings 11 months ago
  sfan5 97e9e9024a remove unused key configurability 11 months ago
  ClockGen 4cf32dd3f4 Fixed sprinting in water and stamina regen with multiple players (#15) 1 year ago
  Panquesito7 0be579de1e Use "mod.conf" for optional dependencies and description (#16) 1 year ago
  tacotexmex d45b439a5a Fix bug not checking for hudbars properly 1 year ago
  texmex 775a7d33ff Merge pull request #14 from minetest-mods/5.0.0 1 year ago
  tacotexmex 05712baabf Add support for playerphysics 1 year ago
  tacotexmex 13cc9d522a Add support for new hunger_ng API 1 year ago
  tacotexmex b2e8c08265 Replace deprecated player attributes with player meta 1 year ago
  tacotexmex e698f06066 Don't starve in creative to prevent crash 1 year ago
  tacotexmex f5d61f4a5b Add starve_limit setting 1 year ago
  Jacob Gustafson 4539d965ed fix occasional crash possibly due to unknown node 2 years ago
  tacotexmex 577e1a330b Delimit player attribute to mod namespace 2 years ago
  tacotexmex e42e12df3e Lower the hunger limit 2 years ago
  tacotexmex 08ee8028f1 hunger_ng support 2 years ago
  tacotexmex 7ff4f434c0 Fix stupid autohide bugs 2 years ago
  tacotexmex 0aa19f99c5 Optimize mod check 2 years ago
  tacotexmex d3254916c2 Spaces instead of tabs 3 years ago
  texmex 678f005149 Merge pull request #3 from AntumMT/settings 3 years ago
  texmex 5074cb981c Merge branch 'master' into settings 3 years ago
  texmex 34b9470ea1 Merge pull request #2 from AntumMT/fixes 3 years ago
  texmex 483db5601a Merge pull request #1 from AntumMT/icon_change 3 years ago
  tacotexmex e48bcbd411 Fix multiplayer bug, supposedly 3 years ago
  Jordan Irwin 192f73e71a Add setting 'hudbars_autohide_stamina' to disable hiding stamina 3 years ago
  Jordan Irwin 92c22ef76d Fix undeclared global variable 'player' warning 3 years ago
  Jordan Irwin d0fe2a33a2 Change stamina icon textures: 3 years ago
  tacotexmex fd5df30755 Fix settings bugs 3 years ago
  tacotexmex 647f431653 Stop sprinting immediately when running out of stamina or food 3 years ago
  tacotexmex b76fe25725 Make mod no crash without hbhunger. 3 years ago
  tacotexmex d9cea8a5f8 License to LGPL2.1 3 years ago
  tacotexmex 3061a53652 Readme clarification 3 years ago
  tacotexmex 0bc2bc6919 Drain air while sprinting under water 3 years ago
  tacotexmex 09a068aee8 Readme fix 3 years ago
  tacotexmex 52c30b2629 Bug causing monoids not to be used removed 3 years ago
  texmex 130b3cdd65 Create LICENSE 3 years ago
  tacotexmex 42fa7addbb Do not run monoids call unnecessarily 3 years ago
  tacotexmex 2294ddb62d Readme forum thread 3 years ago