1361 Commits (master)

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  sys4 5d4c64d3b2 Corrige problème de stack des lampes dans inventaire après récolte. 10 months ago
  sys4-fr 4eb9ffb088 Ajoute messages de chargement des mods dans le journal "action" 1 year ago
  Vanessa Dannenberg 9e69a6db73 more set_int fixes 1 year ago
  Vanessa Dannenberg 54ce73b616 fix the fix ;) 1 year ago
  Vanessa Dannenberg 8a5bc0e038 fix #2 1 year ago
  Jat15 d6ff137657 Add moreblocks:slab_wood for table_lamp (#418) 1 year ago
  bell07 a4ca53cc05 fix players in bed count for multiplayer (#404) 1 year ago
  Eugen Wesseloh 017326dbed replace print with verbose logging (#409) 1 year ago
  codexp 31bf6b8c40 add translation for log message 1 year ago
  codexp b526ec1714 add disabled coin crafting logging 1 year ago
  codexp 7e98534179 add prefix to settings key 1 year ago
  codexp 8132cfc6f8 add setting disable_coin_crafting to make coins not available for crafting 1 year ago
  Foz 39984c356b Resolve itemframe entity duplication Fixes #405. 1 year ago
  Alexander Weber eb2b3d7980 add optional support for skinsdb in wardrobe 1 year ago
  Jat15 08bbd0f592 Computer Remove local 1 year ago
  Alexander Weber 3597c2c1aa Proper handle stairs groups 1 year ago
  codexp 5db791deb4 refactor code 1 year ago
  codexp 8ccbe6abc4 add skin_updates table (somehow got lost) 1 year ago
  codexp cafba3bc53 load skin when player has joined the game 1 year ago
  codexp ac10702849 prepare code to be reused later 1 year ago
  codexp fe2acaaa1e replace player_set_textures with new API (fallback to old API) 1 year ago
  bell07 bfda7c49fd fix ceiling lamp recipes (#403) 2 years ago
  DoogMitt 4d9c4c2410 Update init.lua (#400) 2 years ago
  Vanessa Ezekowitz 1471a0cba9 depend on mt_game 'creative' mod 2 years ago
  Auke Kok eabd237252 Luacheck: make this a bit more useful by adding common symbols. 2 years ago
  Auke Kok 9d4ac9bd9a Fix books: enforce book ownership, strict access checking. 2 years ago
  Jat15 5efa9af1b7 Building_blocks Alias (#398) 2 years ago
  Muhammad Nur Hidayat Yasuyoshi (MNH48.com) 7d40724d39 Update Malay translation (#396) 2 years ago
  Oscar 5e6307ea3a Change sounds for the "Itemframe" and "Pedestal (#395) 2 years ago
  Jat15 8882ab8e19 Building blocks add glass for stairplus (#394) 2 years ago
  Jat15 3021248538 Building Blocks add sound (#393) 2 years ago
  Vanessa Ezekowitz 4eaf265e65 allow sleeping in beds! 2 years ago
  Vanessa Ezekowitz 228e25e123 get rid of inventorycube() calls 2 years ago
  Jat15 ddcb08fe62 Building Blocks node_stairs layout 2 years ago
  Jat15 972d30dd38 Building Blocks layout all file 2 years ago
  Jat15 cc9276841e Building Blocks Delete return to the line 2 years ago
  Jat15 f2f49a3aac Building Blocks Create file recipes 2 years ago
  Jat15 b92c9e065b Building Blocks Create file others 2 years ago
  Jat15 ea77ac32ea Building Blocks Create file node_stairs 2 years ago
  Jat15 14697ef71b Building Blocks create file alias 2 years ago
  Jat15 9921efeeef Building Blocks Revert capital lettre 2 years ago
  Jat15 87e3c9f9ce Building Blocks add alias for moreblocks 2 years ago
  Jat15 095e34ad7f Building Blocks Add Alias for bbstairs 2 years ago
  Jat15 6c9da755f3 Building Blocks moreblocks and stairs 2 years ago
  Jat15 c786e3ae05 Building Blocks simplify name for stairs 2 years ago
  Vanessa Ezekowitz 48be7ddef1 brain-o in banister placement. fixes #388 2 years ago
  Роман 2c5be0735a Russian locale (#386) 2 years ago
  fat115 36e5e319e3 add description for "Ice Fire" (#385) 2 years ago
  Vanessa Ezekowitz 57b988c185 clarify desc for "large" shrubbery 2 years ago
  Vanessa Ezekowitz d6f660b72a clarify desc for "striped" deck chair 2 years ago