74 Commits (master)

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sys4-fr 52f2ced1c6 Version MFF. 3 years ago
Wuzzy 030c9f489f Release 0.3.0 7 years ago
Wuzzy f19096fe11 Add simple eating sound 7 years ago
Wuzzy 65b9b131f8 Increment minor version number 7 years ago
Wuzzy cc85415d95 Update changelog 7 years ago
Wuzzy 71266f1dbb Change “saturation” to “satiation” 7 years ago
Wuzzy e34e66a989 Rename global table to “hbhunger” 7 years ago
Wuzzy 867d158645 Remove .gitattributes and .gitignore 7 years ago
Wuzzy 46965d9afe Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/BlockMen/hud 7 years ago
BlockMen 69a993861e Push to 1.4.1 7 years ago
Wuzzy a72cc4d1a7 Change short mod name to “hbhunger” 7 years ago
Wuzzy fbdadb09e2 Minor refactoring 7 years ago
Wuzzy 02db771b42 Make dependency on default optional 7 years ago
Wuzzy f1f33a7fc4 Make entire mod a no-op if damage is disabled 7 years ago
Wuzzy 8ec358cbfd Better description of the game mechanic in readme 7 years ago
Wuzzy bfdabd4bad Fix number-related mistakes 7 years ago
Wuzzy e52921ba97 Update documentation 7 years ago
Wuzzy 00accc22ec Use HUD bars mod to show player's saturation level 7 years ago
Wuzzy ee92b518ea Change global variable names to fit the mod 7 years ago
Wuzzy 80bc9d2b78 Initial code sizedown for Hunger fork 7 years ago
mgl decc6e720e Added plantlife_modpack/mushroom potions 7 years ago
mgl 587e263aa9 Updated Mobs Redo and Farming Redo 7 years ago
mgl b6dfd8dce9 Support for ferns (plantlife_modpack) 7 years ago
Nathan Salapat 169e4d44bf Added support for animals modpack (cooking) 7 years ago
BlockMen 06207b44cd Remove debug output, push to 1.4 7 years ago
BlockMen ef78a05d51 Add support for requested mods 7 years ago
BlockMen 442a66e12f Better crosshair texture, use default hand 7 years ago
BlockMen 26d3f38a9a Add experimental exhaustion to control hunger (based on player actions) 7 years ago
BlockMen 36a1b23490 Add support for ethereal and push to 1.3.3 8 years ago
BlockMen 078c621ace Prevent crash by missing armor values 8 years ago
BlockMen 6a06106316 Push to 1.3.2 8 years ago
tenplus1 aaf234298f Add optional healing for items 8 years ago
BlockMen bce8036dd4 Add support for creatures 8 years ago
Chris Beelby 0f83ef9543 Require base farming mod to be loaded 8 years ago
BlockMen 28754289b7 Compatibility update (scaling statbars) 8 years ago
BlockMen 45eebf79c9 Fix new main timer 8 years ago
BlockMen 43b09253d9 Die by starving, push to 1.3 8 years ago
BlockMen 2da67c5fa1 Fix breath, lower update rate 8 years ago
BlockMen 9fb42bd469 Abuse inv for hunger, no heal while drowning 8 years ago
BlockMen d47b065d68 Sort supported mods alphabetically (+food mod) 8 years ago
Xanthin 5377e03ae0 Fix typo, more food support 8 years ago
BlockMen d9737800ed Images update and push to 1.2 8 years ago
BlockMen 5fe167c4ea Don't set hotbar images with crafting mod 8 years ago
BlockMen b479f49e14 Hide armor bar if not wearing armor 8 years ago
BlockMen 4010af5de4 Add support for mods: fruit and mush45 8 years ago
BlockMen ff9a290810 Send statbar values only to client when changed 8 years ago
BlockMen c8c79bc275 Merge pull request #2 from CiaranG/master 8 years ago
Ciaran Gultnieks c544da1161 Add support for mushroom mod food/poison 8 years ago
Ciaran Gultnieks 4eff5b7850 Support for bushes_classic foods (plantlife modpack) 8 years ago
Ciaran Gultnieks d23d5d4cfe More reliable food overrides 8 years ago