88 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Hamlet 142a723eb2
Add Italian translation (#45) 4 weeks ago
  Buckaroo Banzai 66bd6a9b1d
Add luacheck CI and drop node_ownership remnants (#44) 1 month ago
  MoNTE48 aa3e35acbe /areas_cleanup for removing ownerless areas 3 months ago
  MoNTE48 800a93f5ee Minor cleanup 3 months ago
  Louis Royer 448fe3ebf1 Rework on messages displayed 4 months ago
  Louis Royer 2f4eddd324 Add french translation 4 months ago
  Louis Royer 4179917eb4 Add translation support 4 months ago
  Alden Peeters aca830fd22 Add support for playerfactions mod (#37) 9 months ago
  SmallJoker 95c1165e28 Add and parse from settingtypes.txt. Update readme 1 year ago
  Panquesito7 5527dc8945 Replace deprecated functions with newer ones (#36) 1 year ago
  Auke Kok 6218e5884d Limit areas to -30992,30992 due to MABLOCK_SIZE=16 1 year ago
  Auke Kok cfd4bb2423 Last of the luacheck cleanups. 1 year ago
  Auke Kok 6e2b9a0a51 Needs to be defined earlier. 1 year ago
  Auke Kok 024424ee8b Also limit chatcommand area_pos[12] positions. 1 year ago
  Vanessa Dannenberg f70600db30 oops, commas would be nice. 1 year ago
  Vanessa Dannenberg 9508a004d0 fix posLimit(pos) to process and return a position table 1 year ago
  Auke Kok 630bdefd98 Don't allow areas to cross outside mapgen world limits. 1 year ago
  Auke Kok a303abe51b Add template .luacheckrc 1 year ago
  Tai Kedzierski 7b51f84404 Limit recalculations. 1 year ago
  sofar 1bbb997c7a
Add callbacks for area operations 1 year ago
  red-001 09c030352f Use the new `minetest.safe_file_write` API if possible when saving database. 2 years ago
  sofar 2637876555
Fix pos big (#1) 1 year ago
  AntumDeluge 289d0e623c Update usage of settings API 3 years ago
  Jordan Irwin d3d43d9511 Reference 'settings.lua' instead of 'config.lua' (#21) 3 years ago
  Tai @ Flex 6080ff065e Add API for adding areas to HUD 3 years ago
  ShadowNinja 23f81f6278 Add mod.conf 3 years ago
  Dorian Wouters 7cb8787beb Use get_auth_handler().get_auth() instead of auth_table 3 years ago
  paly2 67507c7591 Fix move_area not updating AreaStore 4 years ago
  ShadowNinja 10338cd5d1 Minor isSubarea optimization 4 years ago
  est31 8b0b8c1ad2 Add support for the AreaStore API 5 years ago
  est31 177f659f4e Add area_info command 5 years ago
  ShadowNinja 0cda67f5c1 Use the HUD alignment field instead of manually calculating offset 5 years ago
  ShadowNinja 3f777900d4 Simplify settings definitions and namespace settings 5 years ago
  ShadowNinja e4aef02cb9 Add areas_high_limit privilege for trusted players 5 years ago
  ShadowNinja fe52664043 Add move_area command 5 years ago
  ShadowNinja 3666f7debb Tweak README 5 years ago
  ShadowNinja 21c9e6a4c0 Make HUD area list multi-line 5 years ago
  ShadowNinja b3873fcfaf Make find_areas an admin-only command 5 years ago
  ShadowNinja 9871caf1e2 Copy positions to avaoid multiple references 6 years ago
  ShadowNinja 913e1fe6b3 Make legacy table copy entries 6 years ago
  ShadowNinja 57c18fce95 Make all admin checks use one table 6 years ago
  ShadowNinja 65013863b2 Make canInteractInArea player optional and add an admin check 6 years ago
  ShadowNinja e17cda925b Add canInteractInArea 6 years ago
  ShadowNinja ee212466bf Fix add_owner validity check 6 years ago
  ShadowNinja 8ee86b2366 Fix rename_area's argument validity check 6 years ago
  ShadowNinja bfb260d181 Fix a indexing bug with change_owner 6 years ago
  ShadowNinja abd6a4c709 Centralize position getting and sorting 6 years ago
  ShadowNinja 02905caaeb Pass messages by return value 6 years ago
  Ciaran Gultnieks 4e1aef5491 Fix various readme typos 6 years ago
  ShadowNinja 6f31a56594 Tweak HUD area list display 6 years ago