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  David Leal de38b20fa6
Add GitHub workflow and LuaCheck (#34) 1 week ago
  HybridDog f015cc1631 Ignore players which are outside the map 2 weeks ago
  HybridDog 72f4225058 Support the moveresult parameter of on_step 3 weeks ago
  Loïc Blot 7cb8086a25
Get player inventory before looping (#30) 1 month ago
  HybridDog 8ef6ba3c0f Do not drop items when a Node Breaker digs a node 9 months ago
  HybridDog 682a345495 Handle item drops more carefully 11 months ago
  texmex 871be4048e Replace another deprecated function 11 months ago
  texmex 95e89b1c94 Merge pull request #24 from Panquesito7/master 11 months ago
  Panquesito7 faf6d9236d Replace deprecated functions with newer ones 11 months ago
  HybridDog c943cf2042 Enable pickup_keyinvert by default 1 year ago
  HybridDog 666ff41136 Allow disabling the pickup key 1 year ago
  texmex 1157ec15df Update description.txt 1 year ago
  texmex 765bb0a405 Update mod.conf 1 year ago
  HybridDog aef629f5b3 Fix crash due to a missing function 1 year ago
  HybridDog 6637bbb813 Fix missing ore drops 1 year ago
  tacotexmex f8b60b0b05 Update readme 1 year ago
  texmex 0aa32c1fed Remove unneeded variable assertion, fix #20 1 year ago
  tacotexmex 4c0a23855a Add a screenshot 1 year ago
  tacotexmex 0cee07b9d5 Add setting for disabling manual item pickups by mouse 1 year ago
  HybridDog 97158f7fac Ignore items where picking failed 1 year ago
  HybridDog dd01ddf5ff Fix crash when trying to spawn an unknown item 1 year ago
  HybridDog d3687f027a Add three functions which can be used by other mods 1 year ago
  HybridDog 62dbd6bc0d Fix a legacy setting support 1 year ago
  HybridDog 02683056e5 Fix item magnet 1 year ago
  HybridDog 1d2e42eaab Fix crash when a node texture is a table 1 year ago
  HybridDog 0112f1f9ec Tidy up pickup_particle code 1 year ago
  tacotexmex 5f3e6e6b1b Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/minetest-mods/item_drop 1 year ago
  tacotexmex 13be42cd39 Reflect particle feature setting in readme 1 year ago
  tacotexmex e2d370a17a Reflect particle feature setting in readme 1 year ago
  tacotexmex 50b976748d Add WCILA code origin and license 1 year ago
  texmex 1901524074 Merge pull request #14 from minetest-mods/dev 1 year ago
  tacotexmex 608b5dfe6e Simplify inventorycube code (again) 1 year ago
  tacotexmex 1e5718cbac Fix settings bug 1 year ago
  tacotexmex c57d3c1514 Fix crash on no drops (@HybridDog) 1 year ago
  tacotexmex cce81f6fe9 Fix settings bug 1 year ago
  texmex 88897d9049 Merge pull request #13 from minetest-mods/pickerparticle 1 year ago
  tacotexmex b6b1a8e95b Complete pickup particle feature 1 year ago
  tacotexmex 08ba364510 Look for legacy setting names 1 year ago
  texmex b576e882a7 Merge pull request #11 from minetest-mods/rewrite 1 year ago
  tacotexmex 15968a0240 Update readme 1 year ago
  Hybrid Dog f1fcc478a1 Rename the key press test function 2 years ago
  Hybrid Dog 3d88b7b5c6 Disable item pickup age if the player has to hold a key for taking items 2 years ago
  tacotexmex 70068fd307 Typo 2 years ago
  texmex 2577b99556 Update CONTRIBUTING.md 2 years ago
  Hybrid Dog d5b28e01b0 Fix missing division for dropped item velocity calculation 2 years ago
  texmex 41e93d3bf6 Merge pull request #6 from minetest-mods/no_pop 2 years ago
  texmex 124e3588e5 Merge pull request #7 from minetest-mods/readmeup 2 years ago
  texmex 464fce9a87 Create CONTRIBUTING.md 2 years ago
  Hybrid Dog cbd717b549 Update README 2 years ago
  Hybrid Dog 609d441ef4 Always collect items one by one 2 years ago