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  Hugo Locurcio e3d8f88e9c
Update the changelog to mention the new Hungarian translation 6 days ago
  An0n3m0us c7ff323f90 Add hu translation 6 days ago
  Hugo Locurcio 69d5a7626c
Update the changelog to mention translations now using the `.tr` format 2 weeks ago
  Louis Royer d2933894e6
Migrate translations to the Minetest localization format (#38) 2 weeks ago
  Hugo Locurcio 96ff162f51
Remove obsolete notice about renaming the extracted mod folder 1 month ago
  Hugo Locurcio 9fc5974497
Update copyright statements to 2020 1 month ago
  OgelGames 3c44a9be58 Add `toolranks` support (#37) 1 month ago
  Hugo Locurcio 7ea70d5595
Bump to version 2.0.0 2 months ago
  Hugo Locurcio 4d5fe50dfd
Update the changelog to mention the `frame` mod support 4 months ago
  mat9117 308c6732a8 Polish translation fix 10 months ago
  Louis Royer d7ac127d24 Add compatibility with mod frame 4 months ago
  Hugo Locurcio 8aa3cbd191
Update pre-commit hooks to 2.3.0 4 months ago
  Hugo Locurcio a1f6897e52
Document the Minetest 5.0.0 version requirement 5 months ago
  Hugo Locurcio f7a757c716
Travis CI: Use the `bionic` distribution 6 months ago
  Hugo Locurcio 42c4c7ab04
Optimize PNG images losslessly 8 months ago
  Hugo Locurcio d0a1798b0b
Use `carts` mod functions to register copper rails 9 months ago
  Hugo Locurcio 564cb11ba6
Add description and dependencies to `mod.conf` 10 months ago
  Hugo Locurcio 34d096832c
Remove the optional mod loading message 10 months ago
  Hugo Locurcio 8cd2d3de89
Travis CI: Add Luacheck to the PATH 10 months ago
  Hugo Locurcio cea44dce57
Use Luacheck as a pre-commit hook 10 months ago
  Hugo Locurcio 1075b4678f
Update the changelog for the new Polish translation 10 months ago
  mat9117 ead1f1d82d Polish translation (#32) 10 months ago
  Hugo Locurcio 7ed6ffe7a7
Add intllib as an optional dependency 10 months ago
  Hugo Locurcio 5010a148a7
Bump to version 1.1.0 11 months ago
  Hugo Locurcio 19e060c31e
Set up Travis CI 11 months ago
  Hugo Locurcio 3da5fbdc6d
Fix duplicated section in the changelog 11 months ago
  Hugo Locurcio 09e69ec0b6
Update intllib support to avoid using deprecated functions 11 months ago
  Hugo Locurcio 2fe764ba79
Improve wording in README 11 months ago
  Hugo Locurcio 222a6d47c5
Enforce LF line endings in pre-commit 11 months ago
  Hugo Locurcio d6e2b237c7
Update copyright statements to 2019 11 months ago
  Hugo Locurcio 54e52ce1ce
Improve code style and clarify some parts of the code 1 year ago
  Hugo Locurcio b851252996
Make ores slower to mine and non-minable with wooden tools 1 year ago
  Hugo Locurcio 77dcac7895
Update the changelog to mention a fixed bug in hoe handling 1 year ago
  Hugo Locurcio 4db884e00c
Deprecate hoes to follow changes in Minetest Game 1 year ago
  Hugo Locurcio 2831c806f1
Set EditorConfig to use tabs in .luacheckrc 1 year ago
  Hugo Locurcio 9dc3378f65
Add an EditorConfig file 1 year ago
  Hugo Locurcio 87be9a6a59
Add pre-commit hooks 1 year ago
  Hugo Locurcio 876630c70d
Add a Luacheck configuration file and tweak code style 1 year ago
  Hugo Locurcio fe7d656235
Optimize all images using `oxipng -Zs` 1 year ago
  Hugo Locurcio 2316595ab9
Remove brackets around the initial version number in the changelog 1 year ago
  Oscar 238e92a6bf Dutch "locale" file (#28) 2 years ago
  Hugo Locurcio c2218f810d Rewrite the README, update the changelog and tweak CONTRIBUTING.md 2 years ago
  Free Educational Software for Mobile Devices - Translations to Brazilian Portuguese 84a9198a62 Translation to Brazilian Portuguese (#25) 2 years ago
  AntumDeluge 809da6d1b5 Replace deprecated method 'setting_getbool' with 'settings:get_bool' 2 years ago
  Thomas--S 73e99e7d66 Tin is now in Minetest Game (#18) 2 years ago
  mgl512 0842b4fec4 Mithril tools maxlevel 2 2 years ago
  Hugo Locurcio cc122c2dff Add a contribution guide 3 years ago
  Hugo Locurcio 259e36c898 Prepare for v1.0.0 release 3 years ago
  Marcin a4d6418c83 Do not pollute global namespace 3 years ago
  Richard Qian 58a337ccd6 Add metal sounds and update a copper rail texture 3 years ago