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  SmallJoker b5ba66deca api.lua: Fix deprecation warnings 4 days ago
  Lejo 1fcd3c4a8c
Add python skin update script (#48) 1 month ago
  Lejo1 55704e1657 fix chrash when using /skinsdb set without parameter or /skinsdb list public 2 months ago
  Suns ec30267223
Fix corrupted data in Windows systems (#47) 2 months ago
  Alexander Weber 55dc55f2dd revert texture name parsing change 5 months ago
  Alexander Weber ada930c099 translate unified_inventory button mouseover text 6 months ago
  GreenDimond 918df53f3b Autogenerate skin previews and other @GreenDimond changes 1 year ago
  IFRFSX 664a4a8d81 Add traditional Chinese translation 6 months ago
  Alexander Weber 9525b87c4d move dependencies to mod.conf 6 months ago
  IFRFSX abb5422948 Update skinsdb.zh_CN.tr 6 months ago
  IFRFSX aa82f804b8 add translation 6 months ago
  Alexander Weber 165c20fcad fix translation for unified_inventory 6 months ago
  Alexander Weber 555d682f04 remove MT-0.4 support 6 months ago
  Alexander Weber e5714f272c fix missed adjustments for MT5 game translation 6 months ago
  Zaoqi fa92207f14 MT 5 game translation (#37) 6 months ago
  IFRFSX 8054293c2c zh_CN: Update translations (#36) 8 months ago
  IFRFSX 2d39375bc2 Create zh_CN.txt (#35) 9 months ago
  bell07 2673afa087
Fix external skins without "_sort_id" 9 months ago
  Alexander Weber 166489597a improve skins sorting with same sort_id 1 year ago
  SmallJoker a945db9de3 Add skins updater chat command (#29) 1 year ago
  SmallJoker 428fea2eb4 Add updater script using the HTTP API (#27) 1 year ago
  Hugo Locurcio a2470f06fb Optimize images using `oxipng -o6 --strip --zopfli` (#28) 1 year ago
  bell07 92bb466825
Merge pull request #24 from bell07/mt_0_5_dev 1 year ago
  Alexander Weber 1071496512 replaced models, found again the right ones 1 year ago
  Alexander Weber 10a3a80dfd replaced mt-5 models to the right ones, renamed 0_5 to 5 1 year ago
  Alexander Weber 165e917b5f initial minetest-0.5/player_api support 2 years ago
  bell07 4c3072ba8b
Merge pull request #20 from bell07/remove_updaters 1 year ago
  Alexander Weber 169721840e remove all updater to solve CC-BY-NC-SA and Newtonsoft license issues 1 year ago
  Alexander Weber fa5b3029fd add support for names in skin texture file (character_Skinname, player_playername_skinname) 2 years ago
  bell07 0cb00a3a9b
Merge pull request #17 from Lejo1/mod_storage 2 years ago
  Lejo 91b1b695ab
Make backward. 2 years ago
  Lejo 2cff7234e0
Use Mod_storage 2 years ago
  bell07 2900d789af
Merge pull request #16 from bell07/clothing_support 2 years ago
  Alexander Weber 44b482e53a clothing support 2 years ago
  bell07 bd8a575c3e
Merge pull request #14 from bell07/default_dependency_fix 2 years ago
  Alexander Weber 5e38d478e3 add default to dependency since default.player_register_model() is used 2 years ago
  bell07 e761999946
Merge pull request #13 from bell07/master 2 years ago
  Alexander Weber e6516d2982 Visual update fixes if skin change externally (with and without 3d armor) 2 years ago
  bell07 b12aefbe4f
Merge pull request #11 from bell07/V_1_8_skins 2 years ago
  Alexander Weber 2c20692f33 Added support for 1.8er Skins 2 years ago
  Jat15 45edbf808a French translation by Papou30 2 years ago
  bell07 8d708ee405
Merge pull request #10 from minetest-mods/player_assignment_not_case_sensitive 2 years ago
  Alexander Weber 9b9daa7494 Compare player assignment non case sensitive 2 years ago
  bell07 5a640bc12d
Merge pull request #9 from minetest-mods/bugfix_8 2 years ago
  Alexander Weber 4fd927e34e Bugfix #8 Create and get UI-context on demand 2 years ago
  Muhammad Nur Hidayat Yasuyoshi (MNH48.com) 3abb6aee40 Update Malay translation 2 years ago
  Alexander Weber 1a5400f83a localized chatcommands, added de language 2 years ago
  Alexander Weber e619bc8d83 Adjustments based on SmallJoker feedback 2 years ago
  Alexander Weber 14288a1ff0 mentioned chat commands in README.md 2 years ago
  Alexander Weber 0ee30a925e cleanup 2 years ago