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  Wuzzy 93d994cbad Version 1.0.0 1 year ago
  Wuzzy e9568ccdae Update function call again 1 year ago
  Wuzzy c126114237 Update README 1 year ago
  Wuzzy 5634463f01 Fix translation of armor format string 1 year ago
  Wuzzy 79e9343331 Update to 5.0.0 translation system 1 year ago
  Wuzzy fa0ed391c6 Move metadata to mod.conf 1 year ago
  Wuzzy e513aeb9cb Version 0.4.0 2 years ago
  Wuzzy 02e5de41c2 Add Italian locale by Hamlet 2 years ago
  Wuzzy b71769f63f MIT License 2 years ago
  Wuzzy 2063945d5c Use new Minetest settings API syntax 2 years ago
  Wuzzy ceb313e9ff Fix PNG problems 2 years ago
  Wuzzy bfc5f8cbb5 Version 0.3.0 3 years ago
  Wuzzy a4408d010f Make sure armor value is never outside of 0 or 100 3 years ago
  Wuzzy 878a351e9d Add maximum to hbarmor_tick 3 years ago
  Wuzzy 72aeb873d0 Move all code to init.lua 3 years ago
  Wuzzy a493641f02 Fix Luacheck warnings 3 years ago
  Wuzzy 3d1b4b0a97 Use minetest.conf settings system 3 years ago
  Wuzzy 96a796cce7 Update legacy code check 3 years ago
  Wuzzy 71a30b5620 Version 0.2.0 3 years ago
  Wuzzy 41fbe9a0d0 Rewrite README and convert to Markdown 3 years ago
  Wuzzy dd1bf4e74c Update outdated intllib boilerplate 3 years ago
  Wuzzy 2e3d5b7ca5 Add screenshot 3 years ago
  Wuzzy 72c96c25a4 Add description 3 years ago
  Wuzzy 556f91b5c6 Fix fail when damaged with 6 new armor pieces 3 years ago
  Wuzzy 3d36b82a00 Remove incorrect changelog 3 years ago
  Wuzzy 4f5e49e8b0 Add mod.conf 3 years ago
  Wuzzy 9ed25e212e Add intllib support and German 3 years ago
  Wuzzy 4e955bef42 Add background icon 5 years ago
  Wuzzy 4daf0f829d Remove .gitattributes and .gitignore 5 years ago
  Wuzzy 3f81016ed7 Rewrite README.txt for hbarmor 5 years ago
  Wuzzy 01cb0199c9 Example config 5 years ago
  Wuzzy 93f07df25e Activate automatic hiding 5 years ago
  Wuzzy 5947496935 Add some error messages in case of failure 5 years ago
  Wuzzy b169a0307d Fetch armor value before init_hudbar 5 years ago
  Wuzzy 211a0fd1b2 Fix typo 5 years ago
  Wuzzy 903f34ff32 Disable armor hiding 5 years ago
  Wuzzy 112f791291 Change global variable names 5 years ago
  Wuzzy 8941d98e38 Fix wrong call to init_hudbar 5 years ago
  Wuzzy 640e154fb2 More cleanup 5 years ago
  Wuzzy 2061c1bbf8 More cleanup 5 years ago
  Wuzzy 0e18630d41 Remove needless variables 5 years ago
  Wuzzy e6b9bc6836 General code cleanup 5 years ago
  Wuzzy 835c477361 Better indentation 5 years ago
  Wuzzy 5d72f4cd6a Display armor as percentage 5 years ago
  Wuzzy 7acd5b9d28 Update dependencies 5 years ago
  Wuzzy dcbcc1b1df Display armor level via HUD bar 5 years ago
  Wuzzy 31fa8317e8 Initial cleanup 5 years ago
  Nathan Salapat 169e4d44bf Added support for animals modpack (cooking) 5 years ago
  BlockMen 06207b44cd Remove debug output, push to 1.4 5 years ago
  BlockMen ef78a05d51 Add support for requested mods 5 years ago