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README file for Plantlife mod, by Vanessa Ezekowitz

Plantlife is a combined form of my Flowers and Poison Ivy mods and an expanded
version of the old Bushes mod, now called bushes_classic.  The entire package
has been significantly rewritten and re-organized.  This mod supplies all
three of these components and should be 100% compatible with mods that used
the old versions.

Its purpose is to add various kinds of flowers, cotton plants, water foliage, 
poison ivy, and fruit bushes, obviously. :-)  All of these are spawned as 
normal nodes and can be collected and used in any recipes that depend on the 
old mods.

Spawning of plants is sensitive to the amount of available light.  Flowers,
cotton, and waterlilies only spawn when there at least a signficant amount of
light.  Seaweed will grow only in dimly-lit areas.  Poison ivy also grows only 
in the daytime, but require less light than flowers.

Growing of poison ivy will only occur for plants that are on the same surface
that is necessary for them to spawn on, so they won't grow if placed on e.g.
cobble or homedecor flower pot, etc.  This doesn't affect wall-climbing poison
ivy, since it uses a different growth pattern.

All plants use multiple controls provided by biome_lib, to keep where they
grow under control - no more random spread of plants!  In addition, the density
of the plants in any region they appear in has been fixed and brought under

Poison ivy is found sparsely among junglegrass, but will not grow near flowers.


Important details:

Configuration: Any of the three components of this mod can be disabled 
by just removing their respective directories.

Dependencies: Just the game's default stuff.

Recommends: Nothing in particular.

Conflicts: This mod should not be installed alongside the original, separate 
Poison Ivy, or old Bushes mods.  If those exist, delete them, as this mod
supplies their functionality.  If you still use the old Jungle Grass mod
either as previously supplied with this modpack, or in its standalone form,
you'll want to delete the "junglegrass" directory from this modpack to get rid
of the aliases-to-air that it supplies.

Software Requirements: This mod requires Minetest 0.4.11 or later.  It is 
unlikely to work with old versions.



For crafting recipes, please see the forum thread for this modpack:




Poison Ivy will spawn on grass and in some cases, on vertical surfaces 
including trees and jungle trees where they meet the dirt or grass.  Ivy 
previously spawned on the ground taller/thicker or start climbing up said 
vertical surfaces and trees.

At present, the poison ivy presents little more than an annoyance - they can 
only be cut down and either re-planted or thrown away.  No damage is done by 
harvesting them, yet. ;-)