31 Commits (master)

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  sys4 ef553e8edf Fix crash 2 weeks ago
  Auke Kok 81c3bd5bd9 Remove debug info. 1 year ago
  Auke Kok 70fedaa536 Update docs. 1 year ago
  Auke Kok 0a6451608d Set the node to non-diggable, to prevent accidental digging by admin. 1 year ago
  Auke Kok c8e4942e41 Convert warps to mod_storage. 1 year ago
  Auke Kok b7fd67c431 Support send_mapblock when we can. 1 year ago
  Auke Kok 37315e72c9 Remove hard dependency on `default`. 1 year ago
  James Alexander Stevenson 5c24fff8b5 Modified whoosh sound. (#2) 2 years ago
  James Alexander Stevenson 493e23d3a8 Use fixed horizontal/vertical functions. (#3) 2 years ago
  Auke Kok 6125489914 Fix license copypasta. 2 years ago
  SmallJoker 928c997e0b Tidy up code (#1) 4 years ago
  Auke Kok 74e68db79c Attempt to emerge/mapgen areas before teleporting to them. 4 years ago
  Auke Kok 979ba1c934 Change licenses slightly, more permissive. 4 years ago
  Auke Kok e83b17a0de Adding screenshot.png for the in-game mod manager. 4 years ago
  Auke Kok 32c4680329 Add mod.conf 4 years ago
  Auke Kok ded6fd1195 Allow admins to travel without waiting when using the /warp cmd. 4 years ago
  Auke Kok 1053e592df Fix sound level for woosh/plop. 4 years ago
  Auke Kok 5da8914073 Merge pull request #2 from everamzah/master 4 years ago
  James Stevenson 7d36e4b3c0 Remove odd chars from warp name 4 years ago
  James Stevenson aa772124b3 Update init.lua 4 years ago
  Auke Kok 0f2900fa55 Bugfix: orientation 5 years ago
  Auke Kok 0c6c38b939 Obligatory LICENSE file. 5 years ago
  Auke Kok c8318946c6 Unneeded file 5 years ago
  Auke Kok f72569d782 Description txt file 5 years ago
  Auke Kok 37dc9db8b8 Add sounds. 5 years ago
  Auke Kok 65c800e641 Make warps delayed by 5 seconds, handled by a queue worked. 5 years ago
  Auke Kok b39c36d931 Fix some handling issues and picking up/removal 5 years ago
  Auke Kok ba6ade74b3 Warpstones. 5 years ago
  Auke Kok ab19dcd381 Added config file hint 5 years ago
  Auke Kok 7675f9a560 quick'n'dirty README 5 years ago
  Auke Kok b1861b6a2f Initial checking. 5 years ago