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  David Leal 70a485f793
Add Travis CI and LuaCheck (#5) 2 weeks ago
  David Leal 29fe3ac467
Improve readme.md 8 months ago
  Obani Gemini c517460951
Merge pull request #3 from Panquesito7/master 9 months ago
  Panquesito7 fd26a1e5b1
Create mod.conf 9 months ago
  crabman77 9596b2f435 fix crash if player leave and lag server 3 years ago
  crabman77 269488f8c2 fix crash if close and open formspec very fast and server lag 3 years ago
  crabman77 852b4d9b0b fix default max, 4 years ago
  crabman77 5a19d76074 better shop type, add max items quantity by default 4 years ago
  Cyberpangolin 78ec0919c9 Small update on the price calculation 4 years ago
  Cyberpangolin 8a1b0ec41d update on the new calculation formula 4 years ago
  Cyberpangolin 1036d5e539 changed the default stock of money to 1 million 4 years ago
  Cyberpangolin 53f48691b3 Replacing the way to calculate the prices. 4 years ago
  crabman77 9ead7cc839 added whitelist item 4 years ago
  Cyberpangolin 55d73c330e Update shop.lua 4 years ago
  BUISSON-DEBON Quentin f9e969d7f3 Add new textures => grey+noise 4 years ago
  crabman77 4865c6b444 add rewrite bancomatic node( based on atm from https://github.com/minetest-mods/global_exchange) 4 years ago
  crabman77 104d281fd9 add shop privs, others shop type, add shop type name in node formspec 4 years ago
  Cyberpangolin 6ce6b42b92 Update readme.md 4 years ago
  crabman77 3ba1431a70 readd maptools in depends, use maptools coins or defines coins 4 years ago
  Cyberpangolin ebe17cc9e3 Update price calculation to avoid big differences on very low prices. 4 years ago
  crabman77 9fb020b39a add coins and add alias to maptools coins 4 years ago
  crabman77 a5f384fc6a optimize textures with trimage 4 years ago
  crabman77 58c7496d7b fix wrong code 4 years ago
  crabman77 cb24bfea94 change default shop monnaie 4 years ago
  Cyberpangolin 0c0f8d9f2a Add files via upload 4 years ago
  crabman77 b45820a977 add wear textures and display tools wear in sell formspec 4 years ago
  crabman77 a585697dcc now we can select item type solded by shop 4 years ago
  crabman77 29b7a0440b add define price depending on wear 4 years ago
  Cyberpangolin 09d48dc614 Update shop.lua 4 years ago
  Cyberpangolin 87335c6f80 update convertion rate 4 years ago
  Cyberpangolin f5592f3f4b Update readme.md 4 years ago
  Cyberpangolin 58b9fb0194 Create LICENSE 4 years ago
  Cyberpangolin a50a326b84 Update readme.md 4 years ago
  Cyberpangolin dad79a0606 Update readme.md 4 years ago
  Cyberpangolin 04f0931690 Update readme.md 4 years ago
  Cyberpangolin ae2b1c3865 Add maptools into the dependencies. 4 years ago
  Cyberpangolin dc30844e08 Update readme.md 4 years ago
  Cyberpangolin 18d3e0a43d Update readme.md 4 years ago
  crabman77 bb25d17676 check items and ignore unbreakable/admin stuff 4 years ago
  crabman77 2fffd84168 add background in formspec 4 years ago
  crabman77 ce3f17ca35 first commit 4 years ago