102 Commits (master)

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  SmallJoker 5b53183381 Descend from cart using sneak (#31) 1 day ago
  sfan5 56f5b18dae Fix item collection 1 day ago
  SmallJoker c8f7cae2c8 Set driver to nil (like before) 2 weeks ago
  SmallJoker 30f870e88c Reset player view and attachment table on death 2 weeks ago
  SmallJoker cc293e95fe Fix model animations after detach, remove README.txt 6 months ago
  SmallJoker f7a649e596 Convert README to Markdown (#30) 6 months ago
  SmallJoker ae33bd7a68 Bump to 5.0.0 and fix the copper rail 7 months ago
  SmallJoker e4edb96d30 Use initial_properties, backup old_pos for loading 1 year ago
  SmallJoker 3386942d71 Add basic documentation 1 year ago
  SmallJoker d486143f42 Reset acceleration at speed limit 1 year ago
  SmallJoker 34155473a9 Fix controls not working when going uphill 1 year ago
  SmallJoker 7e275e1985 Disallow rail switching up/downhill 1 year ago
  SmallJoker c6b9e4b672 Various improvements and bugfixes 2 years ago
  SmallJoker 3781f6d4c0 Make moreores' copper rail connect again, add metal sounds 2 years ago
  SmallJoker f4c1a2ec3b Fix edge case crash due nil old_pos, remove player_api warning 2 years ago
  SmallJoker 57d09fac79 Revert velocity calculation change from e3688b5 2 years ago
  SmallJoker 49028ca123 More weight, Handbrake + Railparams, animation fix 2 years ago
  SmallJoker ca55c6f3c0 Change Y rotation from 45° to 30°. Only send velocity when required. 2 years ago
  SmallJoker 4498605509 Hacky bugfix: Force updating player attachment rotation after detach 2 years ago
  SmallJoker e19d8701ce Reduce eye position, rotation update frequency 2 years ago
  SmallJoker 9a2a2b9d69 Correct feet position for rotated model 2 years ago
  SmallJoker 6ac106c1a7 Pitch-Rotate player model and unblock downwards-going view 2 years ago
  SmallJoker be0c56edef Pathfinder: Fix bounce back effect at rail end 2 years ago
  SmallJoker 5502952bbd Fix rail counting in on_rail_step, localize API functions for faster access 2 years ago
  SmallJoker ad93d338b3 Better wiggle prevention when stopping the cart 2 years ago
  SmallJoker e3688b5380 Pathfinder: Auto-correct position on failure (smoother) 2 years ago
  SmallJoker 2229ededa5 Remove settings legacy, require 0.4.15-dev or newer 2 years ago
  SmallJoker e8119a63cd README: Add the settings for server owners, minor edits. 2 years ago
  SmallJoker 11a1ebad74 Correct the player attachment position for the new player model 2 years ago
  SmallJoker 3c646ee4df Pathfinder: Also use the last computed position prediction 2 years ago
  SmallJoker af25c5411b Use minetest.raillike_group, do not connect rails with other raillike 2 years ago
  SmallJoker b80d3aed4c Make the maximal speed configurable using minetest.conf 3 years ago
  SmallJoker 08918701b0 Add mod.conf 3 years ago
  SmallJoker 66e4613432 Overwrite carts:rail instead of default:rail if existing (#17) 3 years ago
  SmallJoker 61b19d77d9 Start-stop rail: Do not stop when punching 3 years ago
  SmallJoker acf697cd43 Fix crash caused by stop rail and 8b4487c (#15) 3 years ago
  SmallJoker 8b4487c2b8 Revert cart gravity from 2.5 to 2 3 years ago
  SmallJoker cba969903a register_rail: Fix the table overwrite behaviour 3 years ago
  SmallJoker 71af46f027 Use MTG cart model and textures in compability mode 3 years ago
  SmallJoker 99d0480169 Rails: Make names consistent and redo all rail textures 3 years ago
  SmallJoker de5fb1825a Fix jerky movement on punch 3 years ago
  SmallJoker cf9b82de37 Huge rewrite 3 years ago
  SmallJoker 74d8b8f931 Remove unused vector.floor, check if cart is centered on rail 3 years ago
  SmallJoker 75132269d7 Fix forgotten variable to rename 3 years ago
  SmallJoker b741282843 Do not take cart from inventory in creative mode 3 years ago
  SmallJoker 7d6132e748 Fix mesecon variable bug caused by f3bc9d7 3 years ago
  SmallJoker 4391d2356f Update the readme 3 years ago
  SmallJoker 5526754e37 Add description and screenshot, run OptiPNG 3 years ago
  Stefan Sauer f3bc9d795d Fix undeclared global variable "mesecon" 3 years ago
  SmallJoker eb6a833b66 Break too long lines and simplify the code 3 years ago