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tenplus1 6ef76b06e0 remove unneeded local S 3 weeks ago
tenplus1 cca7169b9e add missing butter recipe for wooden buckets 1 month ago
tenplus1 eed132225c added support for wooden bucket and milking cow with recipes 1 month ago
tenplus1 d9682b32c3 revert penguin hover 2 months ago
tenplus1 9be290dd85 add penguin hover animation 2 months ago
tenplus1 fe4010f217 add spanish translation (thanks mckaygerhard) 5 months ago
tenplus1 97f2e47288 update translation checks 5 months ago
tenplus1 3e15456bce fix intllib return 8 months ago
tenplus1 99ca850018 simplify baby chicken from egg (thanks MoNTE48) 8 months ago
tenplus1 c2fa3e300c make default optional dependency 11 months ago
tenplus1 9a27ed80d7 add Brazilian Portuguese translations and converter (thanks Lunovox) 1 year ago
tenplus1 52d4d45027 dont drop 8x buckets of milk as stack, separate with water buckets 1 year ago
tenplus1 1d50cdbcca fix kitten tamed with rats 1 year ago
tenplus1 80e72a4edc reduce shapeless crafts 1 year ago
tenplus1 cd2b2609a2 add _is_arrow=true to throwable egg 1 year ago
tenplus1 54f6de148b check item exists for hairballs 1 year ago
tenplus1 f2b1b752a7 update penguin to use group:food_fish_raw for taming 1 year ago
tenplus1 db59194f88 use group:food_fish_raw instead of huge list of fish 1 year ago
tenplus1 733ab61820 update fish kittens like 1 year ago
tenplus1 8bfa177190 nil check for egg drop 1 year ago
tenplus1 a1bbcb26ec amend cheese block recipe and dig groups 1 year ago
tenplus1 77ed774de5 update mod.conf info 1 year ago
tenplus1 c22c556b5f change rabbit hide to pelt group instead of leather 1 year ago
tenplus1 7de71d8724 add compatibility groups to mob items 1 year ago
tenplus1 6a74a05836 update milk bucket recipe to use soy milk (for vegan cheese) 1 year ago
tenplus1 9c7e537f52 hogs spin on death 2 years ago
tenplus1 96f41785b5 add death spin to sheep when killed 2 years ago
tenplus1 95c32cb4af Added spawn.lua check for custom mob spawning with example file 2 years ago
tenplus1 e8ccc6b3c1 add more food types to follow for kitten, cow, sheep, penguin, chicken (thanks rusty-snake) 2 years ago
tenplus1 4706a78a2a convert mobs_kitten.ogg to mono 2 years ago
tenplus1 7a572d874d mt5.x translations added/updated (thanks dacmot) 2 years ago
tenplus1 d4ae151e47 update translation detection 2 years ago
TenPlus1 3768da8e49 add {drink=1} group to bucket and glass of milk 2 years ago
TenPlus1 c6a82eae3a slow chicken fall speed 2 years ago
tenplus1 479a9f2fa2 updated russian locale (thanks Yellow) 2 years ago
tenplus1 42fbf31f80 fix typo in hog spawn_by 2 years ago
tenplus1 e3d51b3f58 hogs can spawn on dry dirt with dry grass 2 years ago
TenPlus1 59d5dbab85 beehives no longer suffocate bees 2 years ago
TenPlus1 914c37a0ae checkens also spawn on ethereal's prairie dirt 2 years ago
TenPlus1 18e5094afe Merge branch 'master' of IFRFSX/mobs_animal into master 2 years ago
IFRFSX 004d88ede7 add two word 2 years ago
IFRFSX 299314144f repair a word 2 years ago
TenPlus1 7f2badbd8e chinese local added (thanks IFRFSX) 2 years ago
TenPlus1 c6841290e5 panda can now eat cool trees bamboo 3 years ago
TenPlus1 901225565c code tidy ' to " 3 years ago
TenPlus1 e8709a1d11 add tamed fish to penguins diet :) 3 years ago
TenPlus1 eafbfd6f94 new rat model and texture by sirrobzeroone 3 years ago
TenPlus1 1a770dec3b added new bee model by sirrobzeroone 3 years ago
TenPlus1 9e2f3813b3 added new animal inventory textures (thanks sirrobzeroone) 3 years ago
TenPlus1 4259e9a6b1 New cow model and textures by sirrobzeroone 3 years ago