124 Commits (master)

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  TenPlus1 3768da8e49 add {drink=1} group to bucket and glass of milk 1 week ago
  TenPlus1 c6a82eae3a slow chicken fall speed 1 week ago
  tenplus1 479a9f2fa2 updated russian locale (thanks Yellow) 3 weeks ago
  tenplus1 42fbf31f80 fix typo in hog spawn_by 3 weeks ago
  tenplus1 e3d51b3f58 hogs can spawn on dry dirt with dry grass 3 weeks ago
  TenPlus1 59d5dbab85 beehives no longer suffocate bees 2 months ago
  TenPlus1 914c37a0ae checkens also spawn on ethereal's prairie dirt 3 months ago
  TenPlus1 18e5094afe Merge branch 'master' of IFRFSX/mobs_animal into master 4 months ago
  IFRFSX 004d88ede7 add two word 4 months ago
  IFRFSX 299314144f repair a word 4 months ago
  TenPlus1 7f2badbd8e chinese local added (thanks IFRFSX) 4 months ago
  TenPlus1 c6841290e5 panda can now eat cool trees bamboo 10 months ago
  TenPlus1 901225565c code tidy ' to " 11 months ago
  TenPlus1 e8709a1d11 add tamed fish to penguins diet :) 11 months ago
  TenPlus1 eafbfd6f94 new rat model and texture by sirrobzeroone 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 1a770dec3b added new bee model by sirrobzeroone 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 9e2f3813b3 added new animal inventory textures (thanks sirrobzeroone) 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 4259e9a6b1 New cow model and textures by sirrobzeroone 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 bdfa95ff8a warthog model converted from .x to .b3d (thanks Sirrobzeroone) 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 f553e1e0a0 increase cat stepheight to 1.1 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 fa0b70f354 fix mobs_rabbit_hide.png 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 43a813d4f1 Chicken model fixes and new textures by sirrobzeroone (many thanks) 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 c14c8676ec use bee_inv texture instead of blood texture when hit. 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 84cc9c3fa8 stop animals from drowning in water since they can all swim irl 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 1637379056 add vessel group 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 f75e6ddd4b added stay_near setting for sheep 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 631cddc727 fix 5.0x nil error when feeding sheep/cow 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 0703b8b4f2 fix cow and sheep taming bug 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 e307db5df0 update license.txt 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 8d37aaf1b9 replace textures for pork, mutton and rabbit (thanks Piezo_) 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 01d7e07f2a add on_replace functions to cow and sheep to replace milk and wool when eating 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 10028cd63d add glass of milk and craft recipes 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 e36deb7bc5 replace newer chicken sounds with more suitable one's, add luckyblocks 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 0ec8022a76 add some new chicken sounds 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 604febe2a1 somehow kitten model was executable, fixed 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 b6f81c4aba cow, sheep, warthog now pushable 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 04d6a3636b when milking cow take bucket from stack in hand only 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 9bc3494389 update kitty sitty 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 05d294fcc3 add mobs_hairball switch (false to disable) 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 65fe81767c tweaked hairball items 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 4038939c32 changed random value for hairballs 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 3f724507b2 tweaked kitten, added hairball item 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 dedcddfdd6 limit honey amount per hive 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 d5bc1b92f1 slow down honey production in hives 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 1281904f2f panda is more docile, add additional animations 1 year ago
  TenPlus1 42b6736a21 fix chicken drop number 2 years ago
  TenPlus1 0fee158640 panda eats more to tame 2 years ago
  TenPlus1 89a96726d7 fix evil bunny 2 years ago
  TenPlus1 9d6cc6196e change some animal drops 2 years ago
  TenPlus1 1f401d5f52 change punch anim 2 years ago