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  Wuzzy 05ca8d90be Version 1.3.0 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy 84d6dc3c69 Update README 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy fedc4c51fa Require server priv 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy 4199f645f3 Do more strict privilege checks 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy a639c2b9c0 Fix crash when opening new creator 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy 7f279bbd7a Require new privilege to do stuff 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy 54aa7f35df Localize DIR_DELIM 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy bbed49e365 Add Lua export feature 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy 5cf551dccd Version 1.2.0 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy b8cbb66d83 Fix typo in readme and update it 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy a6cf015631 Remove the final TODO 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy 5aba3aada8 Display current size and name 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy 3c7c208dcb Tweak displayed path in formspec 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy 0fc0180a04 Backwards-compat for versions w/o read_schematic 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy 2c8e6fae3e Add me to credits 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy cdcda91fd6 Add help about importing 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy 1d53577085 Get prob and force_place when importing schem 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy 59cf898ddc Localize punchpos var 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy 02acad209b Fix a waypoint-related crash 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy fee142eab2 Hide waypoint distance 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy 9cb700327a Fix wrong data type for waypoint call 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy 476f62c286 Require debug priv to import schematic 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy d7363f470d Rename button 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy 713deec575 Easier name and size editing 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy 442329d886 Disable MTG screwdriver 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy f4470596dc Also show upper and lower box boundaries 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy 27c0c2764c Resize slice edit buttons 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy 7797aa8de6 Add schematic import functionality 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy ab122a1692 Fix /placeschem ignoring file changes after subsequent loads 2 weeks ago
  Wuzzy 16950a773d Remove border entities more liberally 7 months ago
  Wuzzy 2fea0b3d27 Version 1.1.0 1 year ago
  Wuzzy 4d5bde773a Fix bad formspec escape 1 year ago
  Wuzzy 8f7dbdc56f Fix a few typos 1 year ago
  Wuzzy 9fde0b8422 Add German translation 1 year ago
  Wuzzy c740737a58 Display probability in tool wear bar 1 year ago
  Wuzzy 6dbca794c9 Disable repair 1 year ago
  Wuzzy 491f8a11d6 Make border box glow 1 year ago
  Wuzzy a1dfdd0cbe Collect forgotten translatable string 1 year ago
  Wuzzy 2134116746 Don't expose full world path publicly 1 year ago
  Wuzzy d8e59c4cf1 Make mod translatable 1 year ago
  Wuzzy b411433d90 Move to new mod.conf format in MT 5.0.0 1 year ago
  Wuzzy 67cf59e66e Update deprecated functions 1 year ago
  Wuzzy 2b69087a92 Update README 2 years ago
  Wuzzy 5df148708e Add README.md 2 years ago
  Wuzzy 466b6b7bb9 Add description 2 years ago
  Wuzzy 2e5deaa8d9 Add screenshot 2 years ago
  Wuzzy 2db147076b Rename mod to schemedit 2 years ago
  Wuzzy 24d3d272e3 Present probabilities 0-255 to the user 2 years ago
  Wuzzy 31ed6fbbd0 Fix crash when accessing Y Slice menu 2 years ago
  Wuzzy 1722d33330 Add help buttion if doc mod was found 2 years ago