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Treer 7dc32f6bb8
fix the sky in the nether caverns when using climate_api (#61) 1 week ago
fluxionary a8a6bb00c5
fumaroles: don't extinguish fires outside of the nether (#60) 2 weeks ago
fluxionary 12ca98c25a
Add gravel sounds to lava crust (#58) 2 weeks ago
Treer a03375c5a4
Use Minetest_game fences API if it's available (#57) 3 months ago
Treer d3f79e961b Update locale templates 10 months ago
Treer d8e6a6aca3
Treasures (#50) 1 year ago
Treer 247ca0844b Switch Deep-netherbrick to a texture with licence allowing adaption & redistribution (CC BY-SA 4.0) 1 year ago
Treer 52038017f3
Make ShiftExistingBiomes available via API (#40) 1 year ago
tenplus1 54613d673a Update 1 year ago
tenplus1 023539c297
add deep nether brick (#47) 1 year ago
tenplus1 b90afa0b86 fix nil bug in portal_api.lua 1 year ago
sys4-fr fb6b666895
Fix deprecation warnings (#44) 2 years ago
Treer fb3c358f74 #43 Ethereal compatibility 2 years ago
Treer ecce6e27c9 #42 make lava crust walkable 2 years ago
Treer 3f4b014298 #41 Allow nether to be in the sky 2 years ago
Treer bafa4e8ea1 Improve dungeons 2 years ago
Treer b30272d2dd Move dungeon excavation functions to separate file 2 years ago
Treer 87f0ea7a51 Implement PR feedback 2 years ago
Treer 3008b167b2 climate_api support - add distance fog 2 years ago
Treer 00099f2aa2 Fix #36 - better handling of biome definition tables 2 years ago
Treer 89a467698a minor fixes 2 years ago
Treer 979493ed64 Fix nil reference 2 years ago
Treer 1fbab7451e Update 2 years ago
Treer 4b508f8492 Update 2 years ago
Treer 24845dce1e Update descriptions 2 years ago
Treer 00cda53a13 Add the Mantle 2 years ago
Treer 5a2a6c63f1 Add tools attributions 2 years ago
Treer 00bb132edb add "fire" optional dependency 2 years ago
lortas c7776cc082
Add nether based tools to mod (#31) 2 years ago
Treer 09ca1efd62 Square smoke puffs 2 years ago
Treer f3c6f2df23 Add fumaroles (Nether chimneys) 2 years ago
Treer 2fb93b8c74 Add Concealed crevice / Lava sinkhole 2 years ago
Louis 1268049706 Remove string.lower so item name is correctly translated 2 years ago
Louis c70a669709 Add french translation 2 years ago
Treer 02d062b9c9 Handle large protected depths 2 years ago
Treer e326a94266
Add nether.debug() (#28) 2 years ago
Treer 5b3b56ebec
Respect protected areas when spawning remote portals (#27) 2 years ago
Treer 8769593d6f
Reduce lava in biomes-based mapgen (#25) 2 years ago
Treer 5cb9e5fb27
Merge pull request #24 from Treer/bugfix/OutOfMemory 2 years ago
Treer ab4a031c1c Fix Out Of Memory issue 2 years ago
Treer aac3ea6719
Merge pull request #13 from Treer/feature/biome_mapgen 3 years ago
Treer f4255f5d1f Add biomes-based implementation of the mapgen, and decorations 3 years ago
Treer 94222d44e0 Preserve original mapgen as a "nobiomes" version 3 years ago
Treer 86105b4eb8 fix lighting bug in mapgen 3 years ago
Treer 0e26770830
Merge pull request #18 from Treer/feature/portals-api-facedir-support 3 years ago
Treer e5fbc2486b Allow a colorfacedir color to be specified for a portal's frame node 3 years ago
Ward Vandewege 608d692401 Fix logic bug in parsing of nether_realm_enabled 3 years ago
Treer f7ebd78614 New/extra portal animation 3 years ago
Treer e113db1478 Add facedir support to Portals API 3 years ago
Treer 7939161535 API improvements 3 years ago