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  Treer 02d062b9c9 Handle large protected depths 5 days ago
  Treer e326a94266
Add nether.debug() (#28) 1 week ago
  Treer 5b3b56ebec
Respect protected areas when spawning remote portals (#27) 1 week ago
  Treer 8769593d6f
Reduce lava in biomes-based mapgen (#25) 3 weeks ago
  Treer 5cb9e5fb27
Merge pull request #24 from Treer/bugfix/OutOfMemory 1 month ago
  Treer ab4a031c1c Fix Out Of Memory issue 1 month ago
  Treer aac3ea6719
Merge pull request #13 from Treer/feature/biome_mapgen 1 month ago
  Treer f4255f5d1f Add biomes-based implementation of the mapgen, and decorations 1 month ago
  Treer 94222d44e0 Preserve original mapgen as a "nobiomes" version 2 months ago
  Treer 86105b4eb8 fix lighting bug in mapgen 2 months ago
  Treer 0e26770830
Merge pull request #18 from Treer/feature/portals-api-facedir-support 2 months ago
  Treer e5fbc2486b Allow a colorfacedir color to be specified for a portal's frame node 2 months ago
  Ward Vandewege 608d692401 Fix logic bug in parsing of nether_realm_enabled 2 months ago
  Treer f7ebd78614 New/extra portal animation 5 months ago
  Treer e113db1478 Add facedir support to Portals API 5 months ago
  Treer 7939161535 API improvements 5 months ago
  Treer 32e5d818e8 Use lua schematics instead of .mts files when building portals 5 months ago
  Treer aa2bfe9472 prevent obscure portal behaviour bug 5 months ago
  Treer 4c3545f17a drop portal shape images to 2bit 6 months ago
  Treer 39d655b4c8 Add Help-modpack support 6 months ago
  Treer 36d1f6f573 Images instead of ASCII diagrams in Book of Portals 6 months ago
  Treer 0618325710 API exposes the registered portal count, and frame nodes 6 months ago
  Treer 8f29a35175 use minetest.get_modpath("mesecon") instead of checking mesecon ~= nil 6 months ago
  Treer e3ac1ade79 blasts extinguish portals 6 months ago
  Treer 363872c760 Avoid storing the playerRef 6 months ago
  Treer 40913ee841 text changes 6 months ago
  Treer e765f5f504 text/docs/formatting changes 6 months ago
  Treer 58da96549a Trim trailing spaces 6 months ago
  Treer d0ce9dd633 Update .luacheckrc and fix warnings 6 months ago
  Treer 1d19546345 Update copyrights & require Minetest v0.4.16 or greater 6 months ago
  Treer 3945467152 Add more mesecon support 7 months ago
  Treer 478684062d Add Minetest 0.4 support 7 months ago
  Treer 4ebdf7f25f Handle edge-case when player quits the game while teleporting 7 months ago
  Treer 4985e199b1 check for portal frames on the surface 7 months ago
  Treer 48cbd87b59 Move wormhole_node_is_horizontal into the shape definition 7 months ago
  Treer 43f1f24d53 Add settingtypes.txt settings 7 months ago
  Treer a971e0359e Finish example portals 7 months ago
  Treer 6752964c96 Add PortalShape_Platform 7 months ago
  Treer b9e85582f9 Add Surface-following portal using Moore curves 7 months ago
  Treer 11a818212a Standardize files as LF without CR, and UTF-8 without BOM 1 year ago
  Treer 58eb65c0c8 documentation 1 year ago
  Treer 6e0cadb1ec Check no other mod is already using a portal definition 1 year ago
  Treer 9bfbb64e96 Add portal_examples.lua 1 year ago
  Treer b8ec09f402 Add animated particle support 1 year ago
  Treer 0f3f42e5c0 Add portal sounds 1 year ago
  Treer d5a551b4cf Add example alternative shape PortalShape_Circular 1 year ago
  Treer 31cf6a9bc3 Place_Schematic uses correct frame and wormhole nodes 1 year ago
  Treer 7cff6b8cc2 Add portal ignition sparks 1 year ago
  Treer 27a660b731 Unroll 32affba6 (stairs) (#9) 1 year ago
  Treer dd6c19d005 Keep portal type in metadata for non-traditional portals 1 year ago