372 Commits (master)

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sfan5 abc9efeeb8 Harden deserialize workaround against unexpected input 2 months ago
sfan5 c223ca4cec Update IRC link in README 9 months ago
wsor4035 c8afa95542
Make worldedit_gui error non-fatal 11 months ago
sfan5 670e421f57 Rename util folder 11 months ago
sfan5 770601dd5d Add automated tests for WorldEdit API functions that run under CI 11 months ago
sfan5 2f2f5a7def Use minetest.global_exists for LuaJIT check 11 months ago
Nathan Salapat 7f87f1658e
Add param2 button to WorldEdit GUI 1 year ago
sfan5 4378750498 Use minetest.get_objects_in_area when possible 1 year ago
sfan5 2f26fb7645 WorldEdit 1.3 2 years ago
h3ndrik f1b6da3c20
Hide gui button in unified_inventory on missing privilege (#195) 2 years ago
sfan5 418a30c89e Raise safe region limit to 20000 2 years ago
sfan5 2f535dd053
worldedit: Document inner working of worldedit.keep_loaded 2 years ago
sfan5 867cd6edc7 Improve node name normalization again 2 years ago
sfan5 4918610c43 Fix rotate in worldedit GUI 2 years ago
sfan5 edd27636a6 Do not allow //mix with no nodes 2 years ago
sfan5 7d0811fd47 Update help texts to be consistent 2 years ago
sfan5 4d08a1cc55 Implement //cubeapply with three side lengths 2 years ago
sfan5 34844b2d38 Set static_save = false for marker entities 2 years ago
sfan5 0f5dcc790d Implement //clearcut to delete trees, plants from generated terrain 2 years ago
sfan5 37de177f72 Fix off-by-one in //cubeapply 2 years ago
sfan5 f285a55dd5 Improve brush command error messages 2 years ago
sfan5 9b26034aea Move worldedit.marker_update 2 years ago
sfan5 963a9f6b96 Implement //cubeapply 2 years ago
sfan5 5e8bfd5166 Improve node name normalization in case of multi-line descriptions 2 years ago
HybridDog 06a3b63578 GUI command execution: Do not ignore chatcommand return values 3 years ago
sfan5 5e47af8773 Make region marker entities withstand TNT explosions 2 years ago
sfan5 da51c688d2 Call minetest.deserialize with safe=true 3 years ago
sfan5 ab93871877 Move some deserialization code around 3 years ago
sfan5 116ae25ebd Unbreak //move (closes #188) 3 years ago
sfan5 18444379a1 worldedit_gui: Improve behaviour of all input fields 3 years ago
sfan5 974dcaa918 Improve nodename normalization in some cases 3 years ago
sfan5 abdecd4239 Fix some broken commands 3 years ago
sfan5 9c38b9f6ad Allow more commands for brush usage 3 years ago
sfan5 7833b68c85 worldedit_brush: Remove "safe region" hack 3 years ago
sfan5 03bef18272 Update worldedit_shortcommands for new changes 3 years ago
sfan5 91d02f6f5b Rewrite command registration 3 years ago
sfan5 8feaf8a21d Fix area clearing step of negative //move's 3 years ago
sfan5 5bab991e0b Make object right-click work with wand 3 years ago
ANAND 9bb0ad0442 Fix double-definition of visual_size in entity def 3 years ago
sfan5 63a7069671 Allow easily setting pos1 + 2 to the same node using the wand 3 years ago
sfan5 79097dc6c8 Reset region by double-punching air using the wand 3 years ago
sfan5 3bc7a0f97d worldedit_gui: Add tooltips to node search result 3 years ago
sfan5 45acf09e4a worldedit_gui: Improve behaviour of some input fields 3 years ago
sfan5 adab528f8a Fix nodename normalization with translated descriptions 3 years ago
sfan5 26b6682587 Update API docs 3 years ago
sfan5 b4826aa821 Use faster vmanip copying for //move too 3 years ago
sfan5 a0181ea897 Delete old metadata when moving regions 3 years ago
sfan5 2a4aaae8a2 Always use faster vmanip copying code 3 years ago
sfan5 f6298d7b87 Fix schematics with extra headers to parse properly 3 years ago
sfan5 68f7bcc728 Warn when "misaligned" schematics are created 3 years ago